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NEW ..... help please


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Hi all,
Brand new to slimming world and to this site.... day 2 n must admit i have found the programme quite confusing :cry:the different diet options wasnt explained very clearly so im a bit lost ... think im gonna go with the extra easy
any advice, tips n help would b greatly appreciated
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Hi and welcome to mini mims :) i havent done slimming world for many years so i probably wont be much help there :rolleyes: but there is a good slimming world section here,im sure you could find the help you need there. :)

when is your next meeting? do you have a phone number for the class that you could ring for advice? have you tried the slimming world website? slimming world do have a monthly magazine as i buy that for the low fat recipes etc..

im sure once youre clear with it all,you'll become a slimming world expert ;)
Good luck :D


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Welcome to minimins RG :welcome2: I also found SW really hard to get to grips with 2 years ago so I left.... roll forward several stone and I rejoined! I do EE as well. I think the main thing to remember is that each meal should be one third Super Freefood. I and I think lots of others try and make the total daily intake one third cos sometimes you just dont want veg or salad with a meal like spag bol... well I dont anyway ;) Its not hard that way cos you can easily eat fruit or munch on a carrot. They always tell you to make sure you eat your Healthy Extra A and B choices. On EE your allowed 1A and 1B choice.

I like EE cos you dont have to weigh stuff. You can just eat. For example weighing your mince like you have to do on a green day, I find impossible when its cooked with everything added. Just remember to eat when your hungry, dont worry about how much your eating cos it might seem like loads, it did to me but it works! And remember things like Mugshots are free on EE and are great for a snack when the munchies hit before dinner time xx
Hiya and welcome to SW and Minimins!
I would stick with EE for the moment whilst you get your head around it, there is a good thread in the SW forums which explains all about the SW plans, its a sticky at the top of the page.
I'm sure coming on here will help you too, there are loads of good recipes and meal ideas - you could also have a look at peoples food diarys to get an example of what to eat.
Also theres the syns forum so you can ask how many syns are in something, but its also worth a look to pick up ideas of yummy low syn treats you may not yet know about.
Good luck and don't be afraid to ask if you get stuck with anything!


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S: 11st11lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks so much for all ur help ...... so 3/4 of my meals should be fruit or veg n then the rest can be any other free foods is that right ???


Is so doing it this time
S: 16st8lb C: 15st6lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 41.8 Loss: 1st2lb(6.9%)
errr... NO.... on EE

1/3 should be Super Free food its listed in your book, its the fruit and veg and the ones with a SS are super speed and help you lose faster.

2/3 should be Free food. On EE you can have the foods allowed on red and green days without weighing.

The difference between EE and red/green is that you only get 1HEa and 1HEb each day.

Plus 15 syns each day. I try to use between 5 and 10. You don't have to use them, some people lose better without using them some lose better using them.... I don't care how I lose ;) as long as I lose..... and I NEED them!!! I use them for mayo, oyster sauce, chocolate, cappuccino, whatever you decide.

I hope that's clearer for you. Don't worry it took me weeks to get to grips with it and we're all here to support and help you. PM me if you want not that I'm am expert! love Piglet x


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S: 11st11lb C: 11st11lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Piglet
i would PM u but i dnt know how to lols

not only am i useless at getting to grips with the ee diet im also the same on here
im sure i will soon find my way around as everyone seems so helpfull
thank u again


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sometimes its not always easy to have your 1/3 superfree at each meal, for example curry and rice or fish and chips.

Just try to make sure you have it as much as possible even if you have a bowl of veg soup or a bowl of fruit at other times, or if you are making spag bol or casserole you can include your veg in with that, it doesn't necessarily have to go on the side.

I tend to only have superfree at my main meal unless i'm having mushrooms for breakfast etc.

The 1/3 superfree is not compulsary its a recommendation, but its there to fill you without overdoing the 2/3 free food on your plate.

Does that make sense :D

good luck

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