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New here and hoping to succeed this time


I have been overweight for 20 years off and on. After our daughter was born(1989) I was told that my thyroid gland no longer worked due to an autoimmune disorder. I knew that thyroid problems could sometime affect weight; and wondered if that had anything to do with my inability to lose the weight I gained while pregnant, so I asked the doctor about it. He informed me that I could eat only lettuce and gain weight. That had a tremendous impact on my mentality and I decided that if only lettuce would make me gain weight, there was no reason to attempt to lose or control my weight. After a while I grew tired of being overweight and tried many diets, lost weight, then gained it back as soon as I went back to what was normal eating for me. I love salty snacks, especially chips. Over the last three years I have lost both my parents, and after watching them suffer from various problems and seeing how it affected their quality of life I have finally decided to attempt to get healthy.

It may take me a long time to get to where I want to be, but this time I approaching it all differently. To get to an acceptable weight for me I need to lose somewhere between 70-80 pounds. However, I'm not that wrapped up in getting to a certain number on the scale. Yes, it would be nice to lose weight, but my main concern is to lose fat. I bought a scale that monitors body fat through bioelectrical impedance analysis. I realize these scales are probably not that accurate, but at least it will hopefully give me a way to monitor myself. Since I began(last month) I have lost 8 pounds, 6 inches from around my waist, and according to the scale I have reduced my body fat by 2%.

One of the things I am doing differently this time is measuring or weighing everything, keeping track of the calories I take in. I read all labels and am not eating any junk food(chips or candy etc.) The only junk type thing I have still had a little of is diet soft drinks, but I have cut down a great deal on those, where the soft drinks used to be just about all I would drink, I have only had one this week. I'm drinking more water. I'm also exercising (walking, exercise bike, stretching, and using weights) For now I'm only using light weights, to hopefully tone as I reduce fat, I feel sure that I will lose a little muscle while trying to lose fat, but hopefully the exercise will help prevent too much muscle loss. I feel sure my diet will have to change somewhat when I get ready to try to build muscle, than it currently is while I'm trying to lose fat.

I'm not using a specific diet plan other than trying to eat sensibly, diets are too "written in stone" for me. I also assume that if I change my habits, then I will be able to maintain any losses that take place.

Do I really know what I am doing? Probably not, but I am willing to learn. If anyone has any suggestions or notices any errors in my way of thinking, please let me know.
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Hi Lunaurora, Welcome to this fab forum.
Well done on your loss so far...:)

Sorry to read about the awful experience with your parents - so terrible to see them suffer but it is good that you have been given that window to see the error of carrying around a lot of excess weight.

I am doing the very old WW combined with calorie counting and I scrupulously weigh 90% of my food and keep a running total as well. It's what works for me and that is the important thing - to find what is the best thing for you and you obviously seem to have done that.

The most important thing now is to take control when those "blips" occur and don't let them throw you off course. Just accept that it is bound to happen on occasion - that's part of being human - and then take a deep breath and get back to it a.s.a.p!

All the very best to you and btw don't forget to get you own diary up and running then we know how to contact you......:)


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Hi there... It all sounds good to me... Just try not to be too hard on yourself if you slip up....it's not how many times you fall off...the trick is ( and believe me I'm still learning this one! ) to get up as quickly as you are able , dust yourself off and get back to it. I have a switch in my head , when it's in "go" mode...I am fine and it's all very easy...but sometimes, no matter what I do, it just switches off and I slide back to old habits...the good news is, it seems to be easier to flick the switch each time it happens and I flick it quicker than I used to. A lot of is is in the mind. You have fantastic incentive... Keep it up and you will see such a difference x

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