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New here - Day 1

Hi ladies,

I'm Laura and am back for my final (think positive :sigh: ) re-start of CD. I started CD on boxing day last year and did quite well for a couple of weeks, but gave up as it was making me so miserable and grumpy. I quit smoking at the same time and I think CD and not smoking was all a bit too much to deal with at one time.
Anyway, after putting all of the weight back on :mad: - I'm back for another re-start. This will be my final one and I am determined to suceed this time.
Completely dreading going into ketosis as I know I'm bound to have migranes and feel sick again - but hopefully it shouldn't last too long.
Hopefully posting on here and reading about all of your success stories will help me along the way.
I have about 3 stone to lose which I'd love to do in 2 months.:D

Look forward to getting to know you all.

Laura XxX
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Good luck Laura, stick with it and you will do great... You know once you are in ketosis, then it does get easier... just keep this in mind..Love
Hi Laura

Welcome back to the wacky world of Cambridge Dieting!!!

I'm on day 6 and have been feeling extremely miserable and I've been snapping at my OH and kids. I'm hoping things will improve soon (maybe after weigh in!!)as it really is not fair to take it out on them. I want to give up smoking too but it's definately a no goer at the moment so I guess I'll wait until I've got to grips with this.

This site will definately help you stay on track, yesterday I was tearful :cry: and came on here I also read some blogs written by people who had been successful on CD and it helped me tremendously. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!


X Katie
Hi Laura..............good luck. I am on day 1 again too and must succeed this time as I have the same weight to lose too. I am booked to have a breast reduction operation on 25th May and the surgeon won't operate without the weight loss. You will be fine. The fist 2 to 3 days are the hardest as you know. Just go to bed early!

I lost over a stone at the bginning of the year and have put some back on but not all of it so that is encouraging.

keep in touch on here I found that really helped me last time over the worst.



Becoming Un-Frumpy!
Hi Manners and Mummypoppins

Day 1 for me too!

I was meant to start last wednesday but had busy weekend planned and a girly night in on friday, so thought I would've been setting myself up for failure (if that makes sense!)

I have just had a vanilla muffin. I actually really enjoyed it :) I think i'd prepared myself for it tasting awful it was lovely, bit like cake mixture!!

I'm doing 790, so gonna have a choc brownie at 3'ish. Half Mug Cappuccino at 7pm. Cod, Brocolli and Cauli at 8pm. Then other half of Cappuccino at 10pm. Sorted!

I have this sense that i'm going to do it this time. I've done a million diets and never made it past the first week. I am aiming to lose 6 stone by last week of September as we are going to Orlando. I desperately want to join in the fun rather than being boring Mum, hot and sweaty, wearing uncomfortable clothes, too scared to go on any rides in case I don't fit, not going swimming. This time I'm going to do it!

I'm a bit scared about the next few days, but preparing for the worst :D

Helen x
hi both

well survived the first day...............and just about to have a caapucino shake. I do have a headache and feel very spaced out but I know that will go in a few days. I have a big chart on the wall and give myself a big green ticj when I get through a day.

LOL i have promised myself if I get 2 stone off on CD then I can go back to weight watchers and the gym as a treat to get the last stone off!!:wave_cry:

It's my first day today, and my first attempt. I'v got 2 stone to lose to be just in the clear, but ideally I want to lose 3 - 3 and a half stone. I know I won't be able to do it in the next 6 weeks coming up to my holiday so i know I'll have to start again when I get back, but I think I'ts worth a bit of agro for the body I want. And I think you'll agree! :)

I'm doing CD with my mum after watching her lose almost 8 stone, I felt inspired.

I quit smoking a few months ago, but still get the odd craving so I'm hoping they don't kick off again now! lol.

Good luck with your dieting and know that if you want something bad enough, you'll get it :D