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new here... Starting low cal fasting

I am new in here ๐Ÿ˜Š
thank you for this lovely blog...
I am trying hard to lose 10kg.
I done in past juice and smoothie fast (mostly raw vegan) and it still didn't helped me to get through my plateau..
I have been same weight over three years, - before that I have lost 25kg but last 10 are not coming off over 3y....

Now i decided to go for longer term fast while I am researching what should I do next..
By fasting I mean to drink plenty of water, tea, coffee, sugar free drinks (10cal and less) and maybe some jellies...

Will treat this thread as my diary...

SW 68kg
GW 58kg

started this morning with two cups lemon water +grenade fat burner, - not sure will it help as using this for the first time.
then during the day been drinking lots of tea without sugars...
and just now I had 10cal jelly before sleep..

my plan during "fast" is to stick with 200cal /day...

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its more calories than doing simple water fasting.
I am doing this just for couple days till I know what to do next trying to break through my plateau.

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