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new here

hi eveyone, started SW this week, as of sunday 23rd may my weight was 18st 8lbs, i am 45yrs old and feel my chances of slimming down are diminishing fast, i want to enjoy my grandchildren whilst i can! am doing red days as when tried green before i felt bloated all the time and gained weight! :mad: will be weighing myself again sunday 30th may, have resisted temptation to weigh daily, so far! heres to a good week.
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i will be slim
Hi Hun welcome!!!

i have only been doing it 2 weeks now,im starting my 3rd week now!!

Good luck with your journey loss!:D

13lbs lighter!!!!
In 2weeks!!!!!
Hi - welcome to this site - it is fantastic!
Good on you for taking control now - you will be successful.
I guess that you are not going to group? May be worth joining one of the weekly weigh in groups on here, so that you can track your losses.
Good luck on your journey. x

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Hello and welcome xxx
good luck on your weight loss journey, i have just joined sw myself, well 2 week ago. just starting week 3. i wish id joined SW in the first place as im struggling so much to kick all the bad habbits i have from WW.
i'm also on the dreaded first week where you have to think so carefully about everything you eat to start breaking those bad habits!
Been looking at this site since last week and it seems like a good place to come when the fridge is calling (generally about 9pm for me).
I reckon we can do it, it just seems a long way to go at this point...:eek:
Hi, I've just joined the forum today but have been following SW since Arpil. I believe with support and knowledge it is the way to loose weight. I don't go to class so will be using this forum loads. Good luck to all. x

I weigh 19st 12 today - next week MUCH less.
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Good luck to you all - Slimming world is great and you'll definitely notice a difference both in weight, and in how much better you feel! x


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HI Snippit
I am also new to the forum, I joined on Tue 25th I have also done slimming world before, so i am also doing the plan without going to a class I am 46 and would also like to chase my grand daughter around the garden, i plan to weigh on a Monday morning so it would be good to do this together, I will also be doing the red days as i find this one fits in better for me :)
Keep in touch
Hi snippit (and nikkiruth).
I started following sw again on Monday morning and will also be weighing, at home, on a Monday. I am 38 and had my 3rd baby in December, I am around my pre-preg weight but that's currently 12st 13.5 so I have a bit of a way to go. My first goal is to lose the 13.5lb then I'll do it in 1/2st batches I think.
Lots of luck with your weight loss journeys eveyone, I shall be in and out for support and I think it'd be good for me to record my losses somewhere???


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Hi Bee
Its good to know there is others out there going through it with me, will keep in touch x
hi nikki, we seem to want to achieve the same goals, will post my weightloss on sunday as i do shop on mondays so if weightloss not good can revise my shopping list! goodluck with your weigh in on monday


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Hi snippit
Ok, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you and everyone else x


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Hi Bee
Well done you! :clap: I manged 4lb's so I am very pleased with my result, :woohoo:
hi everyone
well done everyone on all your weight losses! ive just finished my first week of SW today and lost 4lbs :D very pleased with myself and a little bit smug as my flatmates all seem to think that there is no way i could possibly lose weight when ive been eating as much as i have.... that showed them hehe :)
im following the EE plan and it seems to be going well so far, can anyone a bit more experienced explain to me how HeA and HeB work as im getting a bit bored of just weetabix and milk every morning
thanks and good luck everyone


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Hi Emma
I think because your doing EE, you don't have as much choice as if you were following Red or Green. So your limited to bread and cereal or hi'fi bars on B and milk or cheese on A, and only one of each. The reason you have A and B's are to make sure you have Fibre and Calcium, I hope i have explained it if not let me know?
Well done Nikki!! 4lb was great hun. I lost 2.5 this week so I'm pleased again. Have a weekend away this weekend & i'm not going to spend the time worrying about what I eat (old friend, also just had her 3rd baby & she really loves her food) so I'll be sticking to plan all week, saving as many syns as poss (also my last week exclusively breastfeeding next week) & keep my fingers crossed. :)


Big fan of Mini min
Hi Bee
Thanks Hun, well done on your loss too, I no its a long way to go, but hey I just keep thinking of the end result, hopefully by then it will just be a way of life,I know I'm definatly not going back to my over weight period again keep up the good work :) :)

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