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New Here

I started TFR last week and found it very hard. Had first weigh in today 6 lbs gone would have loved more but I had picked during the week so its my own fault!

Any tips please!!!!

I find its not the actual hunger as I don't really get hungry its more everywhere I look there is food even on the tv!!

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hi and welcome to the forum, you will get lots of support and advice on here, anything you need to know just ask and someone will get back to you. well done on your first wi
Hi and welcome to the site hun. Well done on your loss and getting over your first week.
Number 1 tip - stop picking. Its a total food replacement diet and if you keep picking your loss will eventually stop. You must stick to the 3 shakes every day and nothing else. Suck an ice cube or something like that when you feel like picking at food, or stop watching tv. Another way is to sky+ your tv programmes and then fast forward through the adverts. Things do get easier, but you must stop picking to get the full benefits of lipotrim.

Good luck.


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Hello hun! Welcome to the mad house! For a start...6lbs is a brilliant loss so don't be giving it you hoped for more! You should be really proud of yourself! :) As for tips...water water water! Get it down you lots and lots. Not easy i know but it helps with everything near enough! You've got through week one so from here on you should find it better. The cravings will come and go don't worry! I know food is everywhere..its bloody impossible to escape it..i've tried lol..but you do learn to ignore it..especially when you start seeing the weight dropping off! Keep posting on here...everyone is so lovely full of inspiration and kind words when you need them. The odd butt kicking when you need that too hehe xx


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I find its not the actual hunger as I don't really get hungry its more everywhere I look there is food even on the tv!!
LOL! Ah yes! Welcome to my world! But after a while you will LOVE cookery programmes. I am constantly looking at them (and I can't cook at all!). Deciding what I am going to eat when I am finished all this.

Welcome hun. Best advice I can give is keep posting here! It keeps you relatively sane!
well done great first weight loss, and you know a lot of this is actually getting your head right and having a positive frame of mind, so keep thinking positive keep repeating to yourself....i will be slim for summer and I can do this, I've had a tough few weeks picking and as someone has already said early this is a total replacement.

Try and do little things for your self to keep yourself cheerfull after a few days fully on this you tend to get a great feeling of well being. Keep at it you can do this!


Here we go again!
Hi and welcome. You get used to seeing food everywhere, honest. Before LT you don't realise just how much life revolves around food, all the time and everywhere. As someone else said you will eventually love watching programmes about food, it sounds weird but I think most of us do it.

Keep drinking plenty of water and keep busy. Good luck and well done with your first weigh in. If you can stop picking you will get a great loss again next week.


Slowly but surely!
Well done on your first loss and getting through week 1, this forum is a great place to escape to when you feel tempted lol Good luck with week2 :)
Thanks everyone, have started sky+ everything so I can fast forward the ads.

I have never realised how much food is all around us everyday!
Still here and still finding it tough! Thankfully hubby is back to work tomorrow (had been made redundant in Feb) so I can get back to my routine doing the house work and getting out walking the dog!
Similar situation

Hi Eeeyor, We are in the same boat. Husband has been off work since christmas but he started back last week thank God. Now I just have two teenagers (13 and 14) for two weeks while they are off for easter break !!! Food , Food , Food day and night . I cant win. The poor dog is even getting fat from lack of walking . Cant wait until we are back in a proper routine.
Hiya and well done on ur 1st loss! There is always loads of support and ideas and suggestions for all sorts of things on here so any thing at all, just log on! Everyone is really supportive and u can guarantee that somebody if not all of us will have the same good/bad experience/problem at one time or another ,so someone will always no where ur comin from which really helps as friends and family (without being on the diet themselves) cant fully understand, no matter how supportive they may be, so my advce is.....
1. drink lots
2. log on
3. drink lots
4. log on.............lol!!!
Good luck, honestly once u get into it, u will feel FAB!!!!!!!! :D
Thanks girls.

Hubby gone to work but as you said kids now at home for 2 weeks!! Feeling quite hungry this morning going to go make a cup of tea.

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