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I'm starting my new job tomorrow and I'm really excited :clap: I'm working as a teaching assistant at my kids' school. I actually trained and qualified as a teacher in the USA but unfortunately that doesn't mean I'm qualified here! My kids are both at school fulltime so I'm now looking to get back into teaching and this job is my first step!! I'm hoping to get onto a program next September to qualify but it is a very difficult program to get onto. I know that my confidence is growing and losing weight is contributing to that!! I know that if I do get interviewed for the teaching program, I'll have more confidence due to losing weight. Of course it won't make me a 'better' teacher, but I'm sure that if I feel better about myself I'll come across in a more positive manner!! Does that make sense??
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Good luck Huney! This new job will give your cv a boost, and get your hand back in! You'll be wonderful!


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Congratulations - I was a teaching assistant and I loved it. I am now doing my teacher training and my confidence is growing as my weight shrinks!
I wish you all the very best in your new job, and good luck for your application this year - I'm sure you'll be fine!


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of course that makes sence!!

thats so fab for you!! Well done!!!! :) YAy! xox


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Good luck to you, I hope all goes well for you in your new job.


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Oooo how exciting! Hope you have a fab first day - good luck and have fun xxx

wendy in wales

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Yes that makes sense.I felt exactly the same as you but now ,i'm thinking of doing a counselling course . Good luck ,hope you enjoy your new job.


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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! School was closed today because of the snow!! I was there until about 10am when all the children who had arrived at school had been collected. It might be like that tomorrow as well as it's been snowing constantly since about 7.30am and doesn't show any sign of letting up!!