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New Kid On The Block

Mark James

Laughing Gravy
Hello everyone.

I've been reading your posts for a while now and I've found them funny and inspiring. I would've joined sooner, but I got it in my head this was a women only site! I may have subconsciously thought it was called Mini Mums (should've gone to Specsavers), but that would suggest it was a site for female midgets with children - not that there's anything wrong with that.

I've been following Dukan for 2 weeks now and it's been going quite well. No lapses so far, and feeling more energised and motivated than before - just a slight, almost permanent headache, but nothing major. As a confirmed carnivore, I'm actually eating less meat. Mainly because I've been having lots of fish. Not to mention Quorn. When they say 'best ever recipe', it makes you wonder just how bad it must have been to begin with.

I've picked up a few recipes on here, especially what to do with oatbran as my galettes were never very inspiring. I've enjoyed the cookies - even if mine look like collapsed muffins they taste fine. And like an idiot it never occurred to me to make porridge, which I love. Mine tastes like school semolina.

A quick question on rhubarb - I was looking at the live chat on the official Dukan site on 19th June, and the moderator Sonja said, quote: "In the book, rhubarb is considered a tolerated, but has never been allowed because it's a fruit."

Aside from the fact that it's a vegetable as we all know, does anyone know the score? I'm sure I've seen Dukan himself 'prescribing' rhubarb. Do they just make it up as they go along?
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Welcome, I thought the same, initially, that it said Mini Mums. There is another fella on here too, I have read his diary.

In my book rhubarb is down as a vegetable (which it is) unlike tomatoes which are actually fruit! and aubergines etc :) Haven't eaten any myself as it is too sour and I need sugar and ginger with mine and then it has to be a crumble and perhaps some custard - slippery slope. *shakes head*

You are doing well for 2 weeks, how are you finding it? Easy enough, do you like the rules of what to eat? That's what I find easiest, there is no wiggle room.

Red Mich

Likes to read
Hi Mark
I'm never sure about these forums but this one does seem nice and laid back, and the recipes and stuff are brilliant (although can't say I've been brave enough to try the porridge yet and my galettes look like burnt scrambled egg!!)
Looks like you've lost 12lbs already - fantastic start.
Not sure about the headache though... I only had one for a day or too. Do you drink plenty of water?


Gone a bit quiet
In my book rhubarb is down as a vegetable (which it is) unlike tomatoes which are actually fruit! and aubergines etc :) Haven't eaten any myself as it is too sour and I need sugar and ginger with mine and then it has to be a crumble and perhaps some custard - slippery slope.
hi Poppy. You put Splenda or similar in the Rhubarb! And either make Dukan custard with an egg and sweetened milk, or put Fromage Frais or yogurt with it. Yummy and keeps you regular!

Welcome Mark!!


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Topaz, I just cannot bring myself to use the artificial sweetner. I also think that if I start down the eating the sweet things I will go overboard on it and not eat the things that I really should. I have a good 12lbs of rhubarb in the freezer from the allotment and I could get more as the plants have gone crazy. I think I will wait until conso when I can have my celebration meal. I am lucky in that I shouldn't be doing this diet for long so I am hoping I can hold off till then.


Gone a bit quiet
I think Sonja got it wrong, maybe a language thing. You are allowed 100 grams on PP days and more on PV days. It's better than prunes as no fructose.

Some people make a sort of crumble with Quuark and oatbran with sweetener, but I prefer to use my oatbran in more sustaining ways.

Mark James

Laughing Gravy
Thanks for your replies.

I think the main reason I've lost so much so quickly can be summed up in one word: beer (I am a Yorkshireman after all). That and chips. And pizza. And chocolate...

Also, I had a fair bit to lose, so I anticipated it would come off quite quickly to begin with. No doubt it'll slow down once my body realises what's going on.

This is the first proper diet I've ever tried to follow, so I'm quite enjoying the structured way it's laid out. Also I can't be bothered counting calories or points, that sounds way too complicated and must take any joy out of eating. Yes Mich, I'm drinking loads of water, at least 2 litres. It's just a dull throb, not a pounding headache.


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Hi mark and welcome!

Well done on your loss so far. Have you started a diary thread? It's extremely useful and people can keep you on track with what you are doing wrong (If anything) I always have a rant on mine and it doesn't matter if nobody reads, the venting helps. Lol. But people are mostly really helpful and always have advice and more often than not people will have experience of the problems you raise/have. Joining minimins was the best decision I ever made (after deciding to start Dukan) :)

Mark James

Laughing Gravy
Hi Emma

I hadn't thought about keeping a diary - it sounds a bit technical for me. It took me ages just sorting out the Ticker Factory thing, and that was following the tutorial!



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It does take a while to get used to. I couldn't find where the diaries were. But it gets better and you will be a pro before you know it :)

Oh and just in relation to what you were saying about the oatbran I would recommend the toffee muffin recipe and the microwave bread! It's like real bread!
Welcome and good luck - sounds like you are off to a good start!
You'll get lots of support on here, it's great. Welcome and good luck. Hope the headache clears soon!

Can recommend the rhubarb crumble (both the recipes I've used are on this board). Have some custard too - push the boat out:p.

Dukan rules seem to change weekly - we'll keep you right though:D.


Not very good at this!
Hi Mark, welcome and good luck. It's nice to have another fella around! Reiterating what has already been said, open up a diary and post your menus so we can have a constructive nose!


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Hi Mark! Congrats on your 12pounds lost so far!! :) I eat rhubarb on PV days, i simmer it with a little water and sweetener for about 15 mins and then I eat with 0% fromage frais. On PP days I have sugar/fat free jelly as my treat :)
Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!! x

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Hi Mark and :welcome: I am also a newbie and on week 2 of the plan.

Where are you all buying your rhubarb please? I can't find it anywhere! :(
I can't find frozen rhubarb anywhere, my freezer was full as everyone I know with an allotment was giving it to me but my stores are running low now and none of the supermarkets have got any fresh in as the season has nearly finished
Hi everyone I'm new too, until today I was finding things quite easy but like Mark I have developped a headache. Some great recipes and a nice surprise that rhubarb is allowed I look forward to having some after the 7 days of attack are up (I am really looking forward to Sunday!) Only slip so far not checking label properly on Aldi low fat yoghurts so have had my first sugar since I started b y accident today whoops.

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