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  1. val46

    val46 Member

    Oh dear god been doing LT for 5 days and keep Posting in the wrong place I think!!:tear_drop:
    I have coped ok so far, and quite enjoy the chicken soup!! I know I have lost some weight, but cant shift this feeling of being so low? and still feel so hungry,:cry:I thought this was meant to pass after the 3 or 4 day? is it normal to feel like this.
    I am not motivated to do anything in the house, and find I am going to bed really early with my little boy so as I can wake up and say im on the next day of LT:D hence me being up so early in the morning witting on here maybe I am not drinking enough water I get through approx three pints a day, slight headaches but nothing too major. Can anybody advise when you wake up;)

    Thanks very much, and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Val x
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  3. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    Hi Val
    You need to drink at least 4 pints of water a day on lipotrim (2 litres) so maybe drink a bit more water and see how you feel tea does count but dont drink more tea than you are used to or you will end up with headache through too much caffine, do you wake up with a mouth like ghandis flip flop and have you got totally mingin breath if so your in ketosis, if not then you may not have reached it but dont worry you will do and itll be soon. You may just be head hungry so try to distract yourself and tho you dont feel like doing it if your stuck inside because its too cold to take your litle boy out and about housework is the best way! although you could plan what santa's bringing your little boy, what nice new skinny clothes santa is bringing you when you get to where you want to get I distract myself all the time by virtually shopping for my skinny wardrobe.

    Everyone is different hon some people have been known to feel like cack for just under 2 weeks then there are lucky ones who feel fab from day one but everyone who sticks it see's the results so PLEASE DONT GIVE IN! if you need some support come on here and post

    Take it easy and were here if you need us

    PS from past history the biggest losers drink at least 4 litres a day if not 5 (i drink 5 tho last week only managed 2 a day)

    Gen xx
  4. judyb

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    Hi Val, sorry to hear you are still feeling low, but it does get better and after your first weigh in and you find out how much weight you have lost....well you just can not stop smileing :)
    as gen said just keep drinking the water and soon enough the headaches go and you feel great.
  5. val46

    val46 Member

    Just got up!! thank you all so much for your encouragement and support going to try and consume lots of water today. And in answer to Gene Genie, yes my there is a dreadful taste in my mouth like metal horrid lol will be back soon and try not to moan too much
    val xxx
  6. philip

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    hi advice is come off that soup.... really when you think about it...your only drinking watery fluid, as in the shakes when you drink them they expand in your stomach to make you feel full.

    Get yourself a sports water bottle from tescos, fill it up with water and sip throughout the day, i drink 3-5 of these and thats the equivalent of 3 litres...i bought my bottle for 79p from tesco.

    Please if your finding it hard keep at it..these wee thing will pass and the weight will fly off and the results are brillant.
  7. msblonde

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    hang in there val, drink far more water, try to get 5 pints in really, 4 is the minimum.

    I really struggled in the start too, the first week was hell, then when i got weighed, i was exstatic! that kept me going, one wi to the next.

    i felt slightly better by day 6 and 7, the hunger went - but the low, irritated and tired feeling stayed a little longer, although i was picking on protein and have since found out that caused me to feel worse.

    you may feel rough for a couple of weeks, but stick with it, cause you will feel better each day and one day you will wake up feeling quite good, like your old self, just lighter!

    hang in there, it is worth the struggle.

  8. tara66

    tara66 Silver Member

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  9. fairy10

    fairy10 Full Member

    just stick with it ,it does get soo much easier ,im on week 3 and ive even forgotten im on it :) actually enjoyin choc shakes lol
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