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  1. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Hi well I am back again, I have tried the Cambridge a few times but keep quitting and not seeing it through :(
    I have just got back off a 2 night cruise and felt disgusting and awful!! All because I eat too much and keep bingeing I have serious issues with food and believe it is an eating disorder! I over eat all the time so I am determined to do this this time for me, for my relationship and for my 2 boys!

    What I wish I could have done on the cruise -

    Wore a bikini
    Wore an amazing dress at formal night not just a skirt and top that I didn't love
    Felt confident walking around the ship instead of worrying people for looking at me!
    Gone swimming and in the hot tub
    Used the spa!
    Walked without my thighs rubbing together :(

    I have decided to be strict and for just 4 months I could lose atleast 5 stone if I stick at this!!
    I need this to be quick so I can enjoy life again!

    I figure I give myself a year to lose weight and be slim and see what it actually feels like to be slim as I've never been slim wear nice clothes and surly once I'm there I won't want to go back to how I am!?

    Well I will write my feelings here and take it day by day and would love support to keep me going

    Here we go I know this won't be easy but surly will be worth it!!
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  3. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Hi Letthesinshine,

    I have also just returned from a cruise and feel the exact same as you. Today I am cutting out rubbish and eating clean before I start cwp tomorrow. Like you I have done this diet a few times and always gave up. Not this time! I go away mid October and I would like to lose 4 1/2 stone by then.

    We can so do this!!!!
  4. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    You can do it Laura!!
    I'm hoping to stay SS and SS+ for 12 weeks no cheating this time!!
    Day one for me today x

    Ooh what ship was you on?? I love cruising :)
  5. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Just back from a 14 night med cruise on independance of the seas! Loved it so much and planning next one already but this time I will be happy with my weight and will wear all the pretty clothes I want to!

    Good luck. I am also doing ss as it's all or nothing for me! I find it easier in the nice weather as I don't really have an appetite so just get into a routine of shakes
  6. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Oh amazing!! I've done 4 nights on that ship a few years ago, wow the food on there is amazing!!!
    But I agree I want to feel happy and wear gorgeous clothes I want to book a longer one for next year or year after where I'm looking and feeling my best!

    All or nothing works for me too and I need to see quick results I just need to keep the weight off!
    I'm just worried about picnics in the summer but I'm in the mindset that feeling and looking good is better than food but I'm only on day one so I know I could struggle soon!!
  7. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Yay yay day one done!! Even did the food shop for the family somehow!!
    I'm in the zone and feeling really good about this I want to last the 12 weeks just hope I can :-/

    Am - choc mint shake
    Lunch - forest of fruits shake
    Pm - choc shake

    3 litres water done!!
  8. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Day 2 coming up :) here we go!!

    I weighed in with consultant at 16.13 can't wait to see the scales next week!
    I'm at ascot Saturday for the day which will be tricky as you take a picnic in and our friends always have lovely m&s food :( I'm gonna try hard to stick to water and shakes but if I struggle I will take a small chicken salad so I can eat but not cheat. I'll be in ketosis by then tho so hope it won't kick me out :-/

    Well here's to day 2 off we go xx
  9. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Day 2 done :) I have struggled this afternoon kept tasting all sorts in my mouth - nachos, pizza, chocolate but stayed strong!

    Am - choc shake
    Lunch - strawberry shake
    Pm - strawberries shake

    I tried making mix a mousse but was awful loads of white lumps In it :(
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong?

    Day 3 here I come :)
  10. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Hello day 3!
    I'm feeling good at the moment not hungry at all altho woke up shattered literally no energy felt like a zombie!! But heads clearing now I'm downing the water and meeting a friend this afternoon so should be kept busy as not to feel hungry :)

    Loving being in the zone!
  11. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Omg day 3 done!! Feeling great this time round ?
    Was tired this morning but it soon cleared and I've felt great even went for lunch with a friend and somehow I've no idea how managed to stick with my diet Pepsi and water while she had a ciabatta and chips!! My son had hot dogs for dinner I craved them but went and had a shorwer while he ate ?

    I went on an hours walk tonight and over did it, it made me hungry and lightheaded so will take it easy now!! X
  12. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Well done on completing day 3 it's onwards and downwards from here :)

    I'm chuffed that I have succeed on day 1 with no problem.

    Here's to tomorrow for us both :)
  13. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Yay well done Laura! Day 2 for you now :)

    Day 4 here I come! I was dreaming I was at a big buffet last night and I got prawns and salad then some rice and and a corn on cob trying to be healthy but I couldn't stand the taste so threw it and had my shake instead lol I thought I want to drop another pound not eat that food - even determined In my dreams ;)

    I'm feeling really peeved I'm on an obesity support group on Facebook and there kicking off about vlcd and I no they mean Cambridge saying how we will gain all the weight back on, end up with kidney liver problems etc!! I want to comment but there all on there high horses!!

    Ohwell suns shining let's do this day 4 ?
  14. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Day 2 is going swimmingly, literally feel like I'm swimming as drank so much water lol

    How is day 4 going? How funny about your dream :) I couldn't sleep last night and as a result slept in for work with only 15 mins to get ready and walk/ feed the dog.... Oops
  15. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    That's unfair that they are kicking off and actually makes me more determined to succeed and then say look it can be down I am slim and healthy and maintaining my weight!
  16. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    Yay day 5 here I come!! Gonna be kept busy today so should be an easier day I struggle more when I'm working as I work from home and just sat at a desk so mind easily drifts to food but again no cheating yesterday :)

    I did have 2 shakes and a bar as had a couple left over from when I last did Cambridge so will ask for a few on Monday to keep me going even tho consultant said no to them until week 3.

    I've never tested for ketosis before and wish I hadn't bothered :( day 5 and still says I'm not in ketosis so I don't get it as not cheated at all!!

    Well I'm feeling good and not hungry so let's have you day 5!!
  17. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    How you getting on Laura? Day 3 for you! I found day 3 my hardest so keep drinking the water if you struggle :)
  18. Lauraswift

    Lauraswift Full Member

    Morning, I wouldn't worry to much about ketosis. If your 100% then you will lose weight. I know from doing this the last time that having bars early on can slow done going into ketosis due to carb content but 1 should be ok.

    It's day 3 today and I should be ok. Going swimming this morning and will have my 1st shake about 1.30pm before I head to bed for a nap. I start a run of 3 nights tonight so should be busy and not think about food. My cdc said if I needed 'more' I could split my pack in half that way having 'meals' more regular. Will see how tonight goes

    Have a good day :)
  19. Sparkswillfly

    Sparkswillfly Full Member


    I think I'm on the same on group on FB as you. I just wanted to say 'Well those who are on Cambridge are seriously committed to looosmg weight, rather than just moaning about it!'
    Yes people put it back on if they don't follow the maintenance (I am determined to!)
    Someone said to me 'If you eat like a 14st person, you'll be 14st'

    When's your first weigh in? Hope you have a fab day!

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  20. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Oooooo I love a cruise!!! Some of my best holidays were from cruising! Totally get where you're both coming from tho.....being on holiday and not feeling comfortable in your own skin is just the most awful feeling :cry:You both sound like you're doing really well though!! Xx
  21. letthesunshine

    letthesunshine Full Member

    First weigh in is Monday night I can't wait!!
    Day 5 done but feels like I've been doing the diet forever lol

    Omg cruises are the best :)

    Well day 5 done!

    Cappuccino shake
    Strawberries shake
    Choc shake

    I went to the pub tonight with some friends they al had dinner but I stuck to my water and diet Pepsi so happy with myself!! I'm suprising myself :)

    Gonna go bed soon have work at 8 tomorro so need some energy and wil stop me thinking of food lol

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