New Member Weigh In Week 1


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Hey Ladies and Gents,

I am new here (well been a member for a while but now new to SW!).

I am getting married on 3rd May and trying to lose as much as possible before then!

Have found reading all your posts helpful so I am joining in!

First weigh in was a little disappointing given its the first week, but I had an event at the weekend with a 3 course meal - the pudding being Golden Syrup Sponge pudding (my fave) AND its my TOTM so in hindsight I would say its more than a fair result :D!

Not sure how to write this as a separate bottom part as so many do so I will write it here instead!

Week 1 WI 28/1/08 - 3Lbs :bliss:
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well done on your loss, 3lbs is a good loss. You just to to cp and edit signature to get stuff in the bottom x


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S: 16st11lb G: 14st3lb
Wow, quick replies!

Have changed my signature now. Thanks for the info.

Think I am going to give Extra Easy a go this week as I don't eat much HEx.

Anyone else doing it?

Mrs V

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Hi T-Bird....firstly congratulations on the loss in your first week! That is still a very good loss, regardless of the sponge cake!! Lol
Secondly, I have tried EE as I prefer to stick with what I know, but I know that loads of people on here are doing it and there is a mixed bag of results.
I would say try it and see how you get wont know until you try and it may suit you better!

Good luck!


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T-bird 3lb is a very good weight loss.......u may find that next week have a better loss........takes time for your body to get use to the diet...goodluck


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welcome and congrats on your wk 1 loss hun!


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That's really good, please don't be disappointed!


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Everyone expects to lose loads on their first week, but in reality 3lbs is loads. Take a look at three large packets of lard. ewwwww. so well done on your first week and here's to many more