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hi carol233 welcome to minimins, i usually follow quick fix diets but decided to follow s/w as i didn't like feeling deprived which i'm not on slimming world i have lost 10lbs in the last few weeks and hope to add a pound more when i weigh in tomorrow, good luck :)
Good luck
thx guys for the support, Valerie 11 my first WI is tomorrow as well, im scared
Good luck, stick to the plan 100% when you did it last time was there Extra Easy? x


Just doing it this time
hey welcome and good luck for weigh in.

I just got my 1.5 stone sticker (22lb's altogether) - 11 weeks into SW plan - I think it;s a fab way of eating - I have never done so well on SW - I don';t know what it is this time that's helping me lose weight a little more quickly. BUT whether it comes off slowly or quickly - the end result will be the same - the excitment of getting to target. I just hope that this time I can stay at target and stay slim for the rest of my life.

Good luck again.
time2bslim how did you manage 1.5 stone in that little time. what do u eat, do you not have syns???
Carol, thats not an unreasonable weight loss on this plan - about 2lb a week which is good and healthy. No reason why anyone following it correctly shouldnt get the same sort of results 1-2lb a week is considered optimum for weight loss and not regaining afterwards.
hi all was really peeeeved today weighed and i had sts was following mix2max followed it 1oo% so don't know where i went wrong going back to ee :confused:


Just doing it this time
I agree that 1.5 stones in 11 weeks isn't breaking any records - but I am real chuffed with the results this time. I understand how you felt - because the few times I've done SW before I only managed about 1lb a week and some weeks just a STS or small gains along the way.

This time I have ENSURED that I've had at least 5 syns a day and mostly 10 syns a day - but I have stuck to plan properly - written everything down and counted and weighed what I had to count and weigh.

AND ................... although EE produced good weigh loss in the first couple of weeks - I was VERY constipated so went onto red (which I prefer) because I could have my 2 HEB's per day.

Voila ! 1.5 stones in 11 weeks - and feeling great.

GOOD LUCK to you. Hope it all works out fine - but the end result - no matter how long it takes, is to be at target - remember to keep slogging away and that dripping tap will EVENTUALLY fill that bucket.

Gilly x
Hi Carol!
My advice is to make sure you fill out a food diary for your consultant for the first few weeks. It's not a quick fix diet bit I would have thought you would have lost more than 6Ibs over 14 weeks...
Good luck
thx for the advice i love you allllllllllll,,, the thing is even when i keep maintaining i feel like i i have lost the weight around my stomach, my cloths looks better and i have less flaps and people keep telling me that i have lost weight but i can't see it on the scalessssss grrrrrrrh
it's funny because although the scales didn't show a weight loss for me my jeans keep falling down which they didn't do last week :)

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