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New member

Hiya all,

I'm new on here and for the past month have been taking Alli to which I lost a stone....Today my Dr prescribed Xenical so I am raring to prove that these tablets work for me.....

Its great to have a place to go and chat where people understand me...and my diet...........

I look forward in getting to know you all :D x
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hey welcome aboard and well done on the weight loss and good luck on the xenical journey. i was so pleased to find this place and it as been a god send to me

Hi booboo i found you lol!! Like sall said this really is a great place and full of support and encouragement which we all need!! Were all in the same boat so we know how each other is feeling!! Also were all here to give each other a kick up the arse if its needed lol. :D
Thankyou Sallouise ,
Nice to see you Rach (hope you don't mind me calling you that ) thanks for guiding me to this forum!!
As you mentioned we are all in the same boat which makes life easier....as we can all understand what the next person is going through....it's very important to have support and encouragement...its hard to lose weight otherwise!!
Well done to you both for your weightloss....Its a great feeling when you look at the scales and you can see it ebbing away.....xx
Course i dont mind you calling me that, :) I only found this forum by accident, i was researching xenical when i got it off the doctor and found this...Think i would be lost without it now, keeps me on the straight and narrow!! Its just an amazing feeling to see what your doing is working!! Just have to keep it up now, got a long way to go yet :/
A stone in a month..That's not bad at all.. Congratulations on your loss so far and good luck on your future losses.. :)
Its a great forum. i'm having a good read.....it was very frightening when I saw my weight and what my goal is.....will have to get a ticker I think xx
Hiya and welcome.!! some of the inspriation stories are a great read and push you on a little more.
if you have any questions someone is always around to answer them.
if you lost a stone with alli..fingers crossed you will do just as good on xen as they are 3 times better.
good luck
This forum is really inspirational.....I wish the Dr's that doubt the product would realise what a life changing product this is...although a lot of it is change of diet and Xenical gives it that extra push !!
I am contacting my local Gym today to see if I can take it up a step as I am doing Biggest Loser on Kinect atm
Goodluck to you all and wow what fabulous steps you have made so far xx
Do you need to post so many times before you get access?? I can't see any tickers? Thanks.
I'm not sure jo, i know you have to do so many posts for certain things but i dont think you do to put tickers on!! Are you doing it right?
I only started Xenical on Tuesday..but because my Biggest Loser weigh in is on a Sunday I will make my weekly weigh in on here on a Sunday too !!

So this week I have lost 4lb wahay....well chuffed :)

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