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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by janiemac123, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    hi folks i am new to all this forum stuff so please be gentle as from today i am changing diet from ww pro points to slimming world in an effort to keep me on track so any help would be most welcome as my work colleague and i are doing this ourselves by following all the info online and not going to a class. i have 11 pounds to lose which for some might not seem much but for someone 11 pounds away from her taget weight, this means i no longer fit into most of my clothes.. if anyone can think of any info to help i would be really gratefull cheers in advance :p
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  3. Voluptuous

    Voluptuous Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome. I'm pretty new too but there is so much info in here.

    The main thing that helps me stick to plan is to Meal Plan.
    Good luck. X
  4. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    cheers for the reply how long have you been doing sw for
  5. Voluptuous

    Voluptuous Well-Known Member

    This time? I've just nearly completed my first week, weigh in tomorrow morning. I've done it before though and when I stick to it it really does work. X
  6. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Janie :)

    Great that you have the support of your work colleague, always easier to do these things with support.

    i have not been here that long myself but have found people here extremely friendly and knowledgable so you picked the right site to sign up to

    good luck!
  7. Berryred

    Berryred Well-Known Member

    Welcome along x
  8. Jeanne Von Buttonpopper

    Jeanne Von Buttonpopper Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome along. This diet works pure and simple, just follow the rules. It takes a while to fall into place but keep reading, keep planning in advance and you won't go wrong. If you've done WW then you know already that keeping a food diary and preparing in advance takes all the thinking out of everything. Cook in bulk and freeze meals. Check out the threads on here what's for lunch, tea etc to see what everyone else is eating. Make sure to look at the recipes and healthy extra threads too to give you ideas and variety into the diet to prevent repetition and boredom. And lastly, please eat the syns! Cutting back doesn't work and has the opposite effect and don't be despondent if there isn't a massive weight loss first week especially when switching from one diet plan to another, you will get there and it does work. Best of luck with everything :D
  9. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    hello to voluptuous lemonandlime1 berryred and jeanne von buttonpopper thanks for the welcome got a hold of a friends book till mine arrive from ebay have to say am slightly confused by red green and extra easy surely everyone would just eat from extra easy as that way there is no counting at all on the plus side i had 2 plates of rissottto for dinner last night all free foods fingers crossed for weight off come tuesdays weigh in..
  10. beslim2014

    beslim2014 Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome. Loads of help, support and inspiration on here totally agree that meal planning is the key. Good luck
  11. RubyMoss

    RubyMoss Well-Known Member

    Hi Janie!

    While I'm not new, I've been off the Slimming World plan for quite a long time, and I'm picking it up again now that I'm in the USA! This forum is a great place to be when you're new to the plan, and I'm sure there are plenty of people who are/have switched from WW who can advise you and give you support. If there's anything I can help with, or if you just need someone to chat to about stuff, I'd be more than happy to talk to someone who's in a similar situation to me!

    Good luck with your journey! x
  12. busybee123

    busybee123 Well-Known Member


    I came from ww too. I actually didn't lose on my first week. Basically I think this is because I ate so bloody little on ww it came as a shock to my body eating so much on sw!!

    Trust the plan,it works.

    I started sw online in January at 10.7 and I'm now 9.9. Only a few pounds away from target, Im never hungry and do not feel like I'm on a diet, only a better, healthier way of eating.
  13. Berryred

    Berryred Well-Known Member

    I tend to follow red and ee! Green is very rare for me! I love meat! Ee is as it says though, but I think as I'm an old school member of sw from the green/original only days I'm okay with it!

    Good luck x
  14. StephC84

    StephC84 Well-Known Member

    Welcome Janie! I'm new too, first weigh in on Monday x
  15. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    Good luck steph.my weigh in is Tuesday.
  16. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    hi guys struggling slightly as I normally leave all my extras for the weekend for a few drinks crisps etc but I intend on doing it for 2 weeks at least to see what happens
  17. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    first week weigh in and 4lb off delighted
  18. lemonandlime1

    lemonandlime1 Well-Known Member

    Well done you :)
  19. janiemac123

    janiemac123 Well-Known Member

    Cheers lemonandlime
  20. StephC84

    StephC84 Well-Known Member

    Congrats Janie, that's a great loss! x
  21. Berryred

    Berryred Well-Known Member

    Well done great first week loss!

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