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New muller lights

Hi , I have been to the supermarkeyt today and there are new muller lights and I wondered about the syns ??
They are strawberry cheese cake and new york style cheese cake ones ..... they are 99 calories ( normal mullers are 86 and the lemon cheese cake is 106 ) and I wondered if we had any ideas on what the syns may be ????

Sorry if someone has asked this already .. I did a search and didnt find anything !
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No idea on the syns,sorry,I'm a newbie :) but wow they sound moreish I'll be looking out for them at the shop!!


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A New York cheesecake Muller Light?!! I am psychically predicting a trip to the shop in my very near future.


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Which supermarket? I can't see anything on the Muller website. I must find them!
Your weight loss is amazing. Very inspirational.


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Muller Light - Strawberry Cheese Cake and New York Style Cheese Cake

:confused: My appolgies if I'm late and this has already been mentioned.

I found these both in my local tescos today and they were n't there last week - I've looked online and they are 1 syn each, are they worth it?

New York Style Cheese Cake seems too good to actually be true!
Thanks - I checked two Tescos today and neither had them. But I'll keep looking ;)


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I found mine in Tesco today and checked and they are 1 syn each and I'm just abouot to endulge, will give you the verdict shortly lol
i saw them in the shop earlier and wanted to check the syns before buying, at 1 syn each i might just have to buy them next time i go shopping :D

As good as the NY CC one sounds, I'm afraid I will always be in love with the toffee one and the vanilla one! Also discovered the peach & pineapple one the other day, Tesco's had a crazy offer:

1 for 52p
4 for £2
6 for £2.68
12 for £3!

Needless to say I went for the last option ;) But the first Tesco's I went to had the 6 packs on BOGOF... Not bad though ey? Not too fond of the mandarin flavoured one - yeuchhh!
muller lights were on offer today in tesco too 8 for £2 (but this excluded new cheesecake flavours)

New Mullerlite

Just got back from Tesco and they're there - I wanted to check the syn value before I indulged. I found them in the 6-pack ..... 3 Strawberry Cheescake & 3 New York Syle Cheescake. £2.96 - not included in the 2-for-£5.00.

Also - Tesco have all the normal Muller yoghurts on offer - 8 for £2.00 :)

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