New Mullerlights


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Just wondering if anyone else has found the new mullerlight flavours?

I bought the vanilla with dark chocolate sprinkles today - still syn free - and it's totally gorgeous, so good infact I'll be back at tesco again tomorrow to stock up.

There's also an orange with dark chocolate sprinkles - syn free and another one that has a layer of cherry but this one is 2.5 syns.
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Hi San, haven't seen you around for a bit, nice to see you back. Iv'e only tried the vanilla and choc one up to now and think they are lovely, can't find the others yet. xxx


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My friend bought me up a tray of them this weekend. they are so good. The cherry one is a bit like a trifle. so nice!

I don't like the chocolate flavoured yoghurts, or the one's with cake bits in them, but these are really nice.


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I love them


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I agree yummy.

I was really craving something bad the other evening I wanted trifle but had one of the choc and vanilla ones tipped over a 1/2 syn pot of jelly and some fresh raspberries which did manage to satisfy my sweet craving.


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I must remember to try that :)


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Yes I've had some of the vanilla with chocolate ones. I love the normal vanilla ones so I was very happy to see them, I hope they stick around for a while. I bought 4 about 3 days ago and they've all been eaten, I'm popping out in a moment to buy more....!

God bless Muller, eh?!

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You can buy the multi variety choc ones in Asda, but they do go really quickly! I bagged 2 loads (12 in total) yesterday and Hubby and I have already eaten 4!


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I bought a tray of 6 in Asda for £1.50 and it has 2 of each flavour. I couldn't find 'loose' ones but found them further up the fridges as a pack of 6. I've tried both vanilla and orange and I've got to say orange for me yummmmmmmm


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ooh the orange ones sound yummy will have tolook out for those could only find the vanillq ones


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I seem to be in the minority. I didn't like any of them. I bought 2 packs of 6 and ended up giving 1 pack away.


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I don't like the orange ones, I don't mind the vanilla ones but I do like the cherry ones so - when I've got them in - I'm happy to use those couple of syns.


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I wish they'd sell all the flavours individually but I've only been able to find the vanilla/choc ones singlely which is prob my least fave of the 3.


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I love mulllerlights, Ive eaten 5 today, I eat to many of them, but they are free so who cares, I cant see these new flavours anywhere in town though?

There was a multipack that contained the cherry one, and thats it.