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  1. Blossy

    Blossy New Member

    After a week of umm-ing and ah-ing, I've decided to actually give the CD diet a go. I have made an appointment to see a CDC on Friday and reading all your posts and stuff has been helpong me realise what I am going to have to get through.

    I'm a bit worried about feeling lethargic, as I have a quite an active job, and I need to be able to concentrate and be up and about all day. is it very common to feel a complete lack of energy?

    Also, i was hoping to do the CD with 2 tetra bricks and 1 soup a day, as mixing them is going to be awkward for me, and I have a very long working day. Is this feasible?

    Lastly, I was planning to fast during thursday, and try and reduce my food intake during the week, in a preparation for starting the diet on friday.. did anyone else do this, and do you think it helped at all? Or maybe it hindered?

    Thanks in advance for your replies,

    B xx :)
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  3. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Hiya, welcome to a fantastic forum.

    Why would you fast? I wouldn't fast. Best thing is to up your water intake from now and start having less carbs so your first week will be easier. Fasting will make your body cling on to anything you put into it after!

    Well done tho on joining CD. It's really good. Because i'm active my CDC put me on the 810 plan instead of SS and it's been good for me. I'm tired at the moment but overall it's brilliant and I love it.

    Goog luck hun xxx
  4. claira07

    claira07 needs a real kick in the

    you would be better off cutting out carbs between now and then, stick to chicken and greensalad or veg, cottage cheese, or quorn if a veggie.
    dont starve yourself that will throw you all over the place,
    you need more water with a tetra, but then you could add some hot water to it give it a stir and you have a hot choc. if you have choc that is xxx
    good luck xxx
  5. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    Hiya, brilliant you're starting. To be honest I felt very tired the first few days and still lack energy and i'm only on day 13. It is hard but so worth it if you have a lot of weight to lose. Come on here all the time for support though cos it's brilliant and I couldn't do it without the people here. You just really need to get your head down and get on with it for the first few days. Good luck anyway x
  6. Blossy

    Blossy New Member

    Thanks for making me so welcome and your advice RE low carbs and upping the water intake have been taken on board.

    I'm really REALLY dreading the lack of energy more than anything else.. I can battle through hunger and food cravings.. but the feeling tired constantly is definatly going to be my weak spot. I really hate feeling like that!!

    B xx
  7. Angela83

    Angela83 Silver Member

    I've had such a busy day today and haven't felt lethargic at all! Think I would have if I wasn't drinking my water but I've felt great!
    As for the fasting-I know its not advisable but I did the whole 'last supper' thing the day before starting! I really dont think I would have found the first week any easier if I hadn't.
  8. broxi

    broxi ButtErFly

    You just need to put your life on hold a bit at the beg. - early nights etc. Mine is still on hold! but going to gym this week for swimming.
  9. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    I think you'd be better on 4 shakes first , as I have 3 and if i'm busy , like yesterday I feel tired and my head starts too and it just knocks me right out , you can only try these things and maybe you can drop the other shake .... first time of doing CD or any VLCD is a shock , but you do get used to it , cos its the end result you want . keep to the water don't drop it is sound advice !
  10. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    Hi there. I restarted yesterday, and it was ok. I work in a kiddie's nursery, so chose this week (being half term) to start, knowing that the tiredness/headaches etc would be over with by the time I go back to work next week. I lost 48lbs last year with the CD and it is the only thing that truly works for me..I guess I'm one of those 'all or nothing' types of people. I actually like that fact that all food choices are taken away from me. I have 3 choc tetras a day for this week, I love them, and they are dead handy for having 'on the run'. Next week I'm hoping that my CDC has some mint choc sachets as they are my 'treat' in the evening. I make them up with loads of ice/water and drink them through a straw...they taste yummy.
    I live in Germany and there are bakerys on every street's going to be so hard ignoring it all but it's for the greater good.
  11. Chlo

    Chlo Silver Member

    I have been on the diet for a whole ... 6 days and have had no side effects at all. Amazingly I have not been hungry, and have probrably been more active than usual (gardening, cleaning, long walks etc to stop thinking about food) and seem to have abundant energy. I cut down on carbs for the two weeks before I started in preparation, and have been necking back the water. I have found the hardest part was day 4 where I really craved food, it was touch and go whether I drove to the MacDonalds drive though, but I'm glad I didn't as was fine again the next day. Hope this helps, it really isn't as bad as you imagine before you start.

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