Attack New on day 2 and wanted to say hi :-)

Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by tinamcdonald, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Hello every one just wanted to say hi as I have just started the attack and I'm on day 2;-) did do this about 4 years ago. I have a lot to lose so any advise or tips would be welcome I am struggling with ideas as iI don't eat fish, steak or lamb look forward to meeting New diet buddy's:)
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  3. Pootle

    Pootle Silver Member

    Hello there Tina,
    Lots of eggs, chicken and turkey for you then! Lamb's not allowed in attack or cruise anyway so no probs there. I find omelettes filing and good for weight loss. Fat free yoghurt too. I eat a lot of marinated chicken and beef mince recipes. If you don't eat steak, does that rule out beef mince too?
    I'm on attack too. I lost two stone last year but have been so naughty I've put nearly all of it back on again so here I am, back on attack. I've tried since saturday to stick to it but have cheated everyday so far. It works when you stick to it though so keep at it! I'm determined tomorrow's the day!! Good luck and keep posting!
  4. Chezza30122007

    Chezza30122007 Full Member

    Hi Tina
    How are you doing?
    Im finding it quite easy on attack. Im using water and sparkling water as a mix up an flavouring the sparkling water on an evening with sugar free apple dilute. I can almost believe its cider. Ha ha.
    I have an intolerance to chicken and egg so its rules stuff out for me too. Just more of other lean meatsand fish. If u dont like fishy fish I find Pollac is a really bland fish. And not expensive.
    Good luck hun.
  5. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Welcome Tina - I eat lots of turkey mince - with passata it's like bolognese - can also add chilli powder to give it a kick - dukan muffins are a must!! I couldn't have lost all my weight without them!! Dukan quiche - diet coke chicken and sugar free jelly all favourites - also quark and lf cottage cheese - there's loads of things to eat on dukan so fill ya boots :)
  6. tinamcdonald

    tinamcdonald Full Member

    Thanks for your replys. How are you all getting on?we'll it's Day 3 for me and all going well so far:) so what's diet coke chicken sounds interesting? Also are we allowed passata in the attack stage also what about Philadelphia light garlic and herb soft cheese?good luck too u all x
  7. CPL

    CPL Gold Member


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