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new on day 3

hello im new on this my doctor suggested it instead of going on lighter life so i have said to her i shall try it for a month and see and im on day 3 and down 5lb i have been to the gym tonight burnt 433 cals and i feel fine, no nasty side effects its so keeping me on the straight and narrow.. due to the fear of an accident!!
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Hi Rainbow! 5lbs down in three days is great! The exercise really helps when taking Xenical, so keep it up! If you stick to the guidelines, you shouldn't experience any of the side effects, so keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine :)
hello emma thanks for your reply
exercise is one of the reasons i have decided to kind of stick with a food diet i love exercise and working up a sweat and when i do it on the VLCD i just end up very light headed etc.. so watch this space size 10 here i come :)
good luck in your journey also xx


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I love the buzz of working out too, I just need to make more of an effort to stick with it! Wii Fit is my best friend though :) Size 12 here I come for me, it'll take time, but we'll both get there! :)
Hi emma and rainbow.Im into my 3rd month now on xenical. i ve lost just about a stone.I dont do alot of fitness besides rushing around and walking but i do stick with in the rules. My aim is to be at least 11 half stone by 1st july so only 21lb to go. lol.. ill do it i think i have re programmed my brain now about food after all this time lol.
good look with your weight loss too.!
hello autumnbabe
please to meet you, thats fab your well on your way.. i need to do excersise im hoping to shift a stone a month or every month and a half im very focused right now which i love. so lets all encourage each other.. as you can see from my ticker i shall be around for quite a few months :) xx


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I will be around for a while too, I have 95lbs to lose! I'd love us to keep us all encouraged and motivated :D
Yeah that sounds good shall we start a new thread for newbies?? or even just a motivational thread for us all??
im off to the gym :) have a lovely day xx
welcome to minis and hope your still doing ok on xenical , i still say its saved my life :) and im pleased to see you embracing exercise with xenical as i believe thats how i made it :) x
PiiNK_PuNkStarr hello you are such an inspiration to me i hope to do as well as you have, can i ask how much and what you did exercise wise??


Go on smile! =)
I do one hour 5-6 times a week, mainly CV like treadmill and Xtrainer. really wanna start Zumba! Center i go to is doing classes now so might pop along to one :D
soooooooooo im p***ed off.. i missed the gym for 2 days and did night shift and i am 2lb heavier :( i get so disheartened easy and im so annoyed with this.. i went to the gym last night and i have just done an hour power plate class and im gonna hit the gym tonight again.. arghh :( xx
Rainbow dont be disheartened, is there anything else that cold be the cause of it? TOTM or have you been eating enough? Wel all have times like this when we think we should have done better than we have!! You can get that 2lb off again, and i know you will!!

So keep smilling and keep at it, today is another day!! :D
thanks i get so down about my weight as many do!! my PCOS def has a massive role to play in me getting weight off i set myself such big goals and if i dont achieve them i beat myself up about it, silly i know and no good in the long run. thanks x