New on here, starting CD on Saturday!!!


Hi there
I'm Lorraine, 32 from Wiltshire! I have 3 yr old twins & since having them have piled on the weight!!!
I am meeting my counsellor this evening & planning to start on saturday.
I really want to do it this time as i've tried various diets before but just get so frustrated with 1lb loss here & there.
Ideally i would love to lose 8 stone, but anything more than 5 would be marvellous!!!
Only problem i have is that i'm off on holiday for a week at the end of sept, but i wanted to start now instead of waiting till after then!
Hope to speak to you all soon

Lorraine xx
Hi Lorraine!

I'm really excited for you. This diet has changed my life. The pounds will just melt off.
The holiday might be a tricky one, but you could plan your add a meal week for that week, then it might be easier not to fall off that wagon.

Watch out for the first few days as they can feel pretty yuck, but take some paracetamol if the headache proves too much.

After a few days, you'll be feeling fab :)

Best of luck with your start.
Aww thanks for your message! :)

So how long did it take you to lose your weight?? Was it plain sailing all the way?

I really must do this for me, i am so fed up with being fat & miserable! I'm hoping to at least lose a stone before my holiday do you think thats possible in 5 weeks??

Lorraine xx
It took me about 9 months, but I had to come off for a while for medical reasons. Even so, dead chuffed that it was only 9 months. How else could you lose so much weight in such little time.

As for plain sailing...ummm. Is any diet plain sailing? :D

When you are in the zone, it is as easy as pie. When you are not in the zone, slamming doors helps :D But on average, I would say it was the easiest diet I've ever done....and I've done them all.

You'll get a stone of in 5 weeks or I'll eat my hat :)

Drink loads of water as it helps with the fat burning process and really try not to cheat at all. Once you start, it is really difficult to get back on.
Good luck hun, we are all here for you, my thread on weight loss diary will give you an insight as to how I felt on my first few days, im now day 26!!!

All the best, and congrats to taking the first step
Just try to keep busy the first few days and then once you see some weight come off you will want to carry on.
Hi Lorraine,

The first few days can be a little rough as your body is detoxing and you will have carb withdrawal, but once you go into ketosis, you are in the zone and hunger is reduce and you have a well being feeling.

canireallydothis's diary along with others will help and never hesitate to ask questions as this way you will learn and it will keep you on track.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Lorraine - and welcome to the wonderful, mad world of CD!

I started mine just under 6 months ago (24th February to be exact), also with 8 stone to lose - and have now lost 6 stone of that. I've also now been accepted to train as a Cambridge Diet counsellor at the end of September so I couldn't agree more with Karion - it really is life-changing stuff. Well, it's certainly changed mine that's for sure!

Mini's right in that the first few days/week might be uncomfortable, but that's perfectly normal and once you're through that you'll be sailing in much calmer waters :) .

Good luck and keep us posted how you get on. I also have a diary thread under Weight Loss Diaries (Summer's Story) so drop by anytime! :D
Hi lorraine and GOOD LUCK on the start of your CD journey. You really will be amazed at how quickly the weight comes off :)

Karion's advice about planning AAM week for when you go on hols is excellent - it certainly worked for me.

I started my journey on Feb 13th and have so far lost 5st13lb............can't tell you how BRILLIANT that feels. Like summerskye said this is life changing stuff - also been accepted for CDC training at the end of Sept..........can't tell you how excited I am

I'm in Wiltshire too, whereabout's are you ??
Thanks for all the messages!!

Its making me really excited about starting, so hopefully i can keep that excitement going!!

Demon - I've just moved to near Trowbridge, where are you?
Hi hun! Welcome to minimins!! Once you get started on the diet and you start getting the amazing results, you won't really want to come off it.. so your september holiday won't be a problem! Looking forward to having you on the CD wagon.. in the mean time.. enjoy the site :)

I start tomorrow as well so we will be date twinnies so i would love for us to keep in contact

i have alot to loose at 14stone but i think any weight is something shared when two people are on a diet!

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Hi Hun, Im working today but just thought i'd sneek in with no one looking and see how you are doing on your first day!!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you x x