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New- Only Slightly Terrified

S: 16st4.0lb C: 14st5.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 1st12.5lb(11.62%)
Hi everyone!

I've been doing SW for a few weeks now, but after coming in with a gain this week (despite torturing myself to follow the plan) I realised I could do with a bit of extra support. My group is lovely but they are already settled into little friend groups and I still feel a bit like the shy new kid in the class!

This will be my first gain week so I'm trying very hard to stay positive. I'm sure you all know that feeling, though, when you've said no to every slice of cake and your muscles hurt from new exercise plans and you just want to cry

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope I can be of some help too~ x
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S: 22st4lb C: 15st13lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 6st5lb(28.53%)
Hey - How are you feeling now? I was previously a member here and haven't been on for a over a year or so. a few months back i started LL and it seems to be going well. however none of my friends really get me being on a diet which makes it really tough. I have a few friends that are big and a few friends that are slim. I was really surprised by how was most supportive. anyway it made me think that I also could do with some extra support so here I am! I am Rachael and its nice to meet you :)
S: 16st4.0lb C: 14st5.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 1st12.5lb(11.62%)
Nice to meet you, Rachel, thank you for replying! My name is Kim, by the way!
Sorry for the belated response- I have no idea how to use this website haha~

I came on this week, so I figure that could have been the cause of the 1lb gain last Weds... Or I might be trying to come up with excuses :p
Either way, I'm grumbling around picking at a salad and dreaming of eating an entire black forest gateau this week! Bit nervous that I'm going to have gained again but I figure that, no matter what, this diet is healthier than the multipacks of chocolate bars/crisps I was chowing down before! How are you doing this week?

LL is Lighterlife, right? I'm not entirely sure how it works but I assume they're all pretty similar... Is that the only diet you've tried? If so, maybe I should be there instead, 6 stone lost is incredible!

I imagine my friends would be supportive, but they're all skinny little things so I don't think they'd quite "get" it either.
S: 12st3.5lb C: 12st3.5lb G: 8st8.0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey all! *waves* I am new too! I am joining Weight Watchers from the 1st October after I got referred by the doctor. I am very heavy for my height and it needs to be sorted out. I would like to lose 2-3 stone, though my BMI reckons I am looking at 4 stone to be "healthy". I am going to aim for 2-3 and see how I feel. I don't want to lose all my curves, just the wobbly bits haha!

A bit about me... I got divorced this year and in the process of waiting for the house sale to complete. Like most people I am an emotional eater and have put a stone on since living with relatives, so I am now going to stop having dinner with them, and getting my own stuff in and trying to get on a bid to be healthy!

2017 is going to be a good year I feel, so let's work on getting the body to go with it! ;-)

I am always up for a chat and supporting others as we are all here for the same reason, if we can make friends along the way, I reckon it will be a lot easier! xx
S: 12st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 2st1lb(16.02%)
Hi everyone, I'm new too, lovely to meet you all. I am starting 1st October too but I am trying Exante. I have 4 stone to lose and it's just impossible to do this on my own.

I never had a weight problem until I had a partial thyroidectomy 5 years ago, but my weight has been creeping up ever since. I really dislike what I see in the mirror and this will just get worse if I don't take control.

Good luck to everyone starting out :)
S: 12st3.5lb C: 12st3.5lb G: 8st8.0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hey Susie!

Well done for starting out and with everyone on here for support, I personally feel will make it easier for me, and I hope to be able to give someone else support too!

Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues, and I do hope this works for you :)

Good luck, you can do it! xx
S: 16st4.0lb C: 14st5.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 1st12.5lb(11.62%)
Hello again, Chicks!

I really should turn on email notifications for this website and stop showing up a week late!

I remember weighing 10 stone and feeling pretty good about myself (I'm 5'6), so that's where I want to be again... I'm sadly almost 15 right now (I'm not even going to give an excuse, I'm just a big comfort-eater). In any case, I have about 5 stone to lose, so I could be here a while. I'm 6 weeks into SW at the moment and making steady progress, but I wish it would come off faster. I know I should be happy with what I can get, but it feels like a real bummer to only lose 1lb after eating rabbit food all week! I'm a vegetarian so a lot of these diets are pretty boring for me.

Would really love to hear how you 2 are doing on your respective plans, I really don't know a lot about these diets.

Where are you all from, by the way? :)

Good luck all, here's to a healthy and happy future! x


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S: 12st13lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 2st1lb(16.02%)
Hello again :)

Well, my box only arrived yesterday so I have started today with Total Solution. I feel a little bit hungry and I'm sure it will be worse tomorrow but I am determined.

Three stone by January would be lovely, then I'll have only one stone to go :)

I guess the thing that keeps people going on Exante is the weekly weight in, it's fast weight loss. By the time I have finished, hopefully I will be more careful with my food choices. I really can't help loving food, my OH had mozzarella pizza earlier so I had a bath while he ate, lol.

I live in Portsmouth UK, where are you from?

Good luck, we'll all get there eventually x


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st9lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 40 Loss: 0st9lb(3.72%)
Hi :)

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