New packs?


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I have read over on the LL website forum that some people are starting to get new flavour packs introduced. The two that I am aware of are an apple and cinnamon porridge and a carbonara. I think there might be a new soup too.

Has anyone here had any new packs introduced?

I am dying to try some new flavours. it helps keep the interest up!
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No I've not heard that! But been on Cambridge and they have the apple n cinnamon porridge which is the one thing I miss doing LL so if it's true that would be fab!!!!


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Mmm carbonara would be a treat!!


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We haven't got them yet but the third flavour is ham and pea soup.


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Ooh ham and pea would be great! Wonder when they're coming out?


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Carbonara & Pea n' Ham soup!!!!!

I can't wait, so excited. Hope it doesn't take too long to get them out x


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Should be out early Feb and i REALLY can't wait!! x


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First session today but my llc said new packs are due first few weeks in Feb.

Porridge and Strawberry mlshake so far, found them both ok.

Is it ok to 'double up'.... i mean have 2 packs at once so I am havng 3 meals a day instead of 4? :confused:


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Welcome to lighter life problem child.
Yeh as long as u have ur 4 packs I don't think it matter I've doubled up before when I've got to 8pm and forgot to have one! But prob best to eat them at set time in the days so you don't get hungry and tempted!


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Yup, as Tia said, that's not a problem. I'm an evening eater so I have the 4th pack for evenings when I'd be wanting a snack.


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LLC mentioned the new formula chocolate at weigh in. Has anyone tried it yet? The old one doesn't like being moussed much and I'm hoping the new one will.