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New person in the fold


I'm completely new to minimins and only responded to Lenny4974's posting so far - still learning and being really slow.

It's my second week on SS and my first WI was good with 9lbs off. I'm totally in the CD zone at the moment and scale hopping on a daily basis (I know its not good doing this but it helps with the incentive when you see the weight coming off). I'm having to keep really busy so as not to think of food, even resorting to gardening!

My exercise has also increased due to the regular trips to the loo - I suppose thats a good sign too but very embarrassing when my boss noticed :eek: then had to go through the explaination of what the CD is and justify why I'm on it (does that really annoy anyone else or is it just me :mad:).

Murray xx
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Hello and welcome to the fold. Well done on your first week loss....I bet you are thrilled. Good luck hun and keep us posted.


Skinny minny to be!!
Hey welcome to the forum!!!

You'll get loads of support here on your weightloss journey..

9lbs in your 1st week is a brilliant loss, well done :D

I hate having to explain myself. My mum was p*ssed when I told her about the diet.
A few girls in work know about it and they regularly lecture me about it. It really sucks. You shouldnt have to explain yourself.

Also Ive had a few b*tches say you'll pile it back on afterwards... utter rubbish. Its the same with any diet if you go back to your old bad habits of course you're gonna put on weight! My sis did ww and lost almost 3st and looked great then she piled it back on plus and extra stone over the last few years. ** Rant over **

Im going to be really sensible about it all. I'll work my way up the programmes slowly ... Im now on 790 which is great... then when I can eat normally again I'll make healthy choices with minimum carbs and no crap. Ive gradually gained weight over the last 8years so since I was 18. Im back down to 11st 3lbs now which I havent seen in years and I intend to keep it that way.

Only 12.5lbs to go until I reach my goal!!!


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Congrats on the 9lbs off:D What a great incentive to be good this week.

I had to laugh about your comment that your boss noticed how many trips to the loo you were making:p How did he take the whole cd thing? My boss is just resigned to the fact that I rush off to the toilet every 20 mins or so. (I ignore him when he tries to lecture me o the diet)

Are you having a bad day??? I only ask because of the "Bitchy" mood.

Well I hope your day gets better, I should go off and do some work today (boss is on hols as of today so :rolleyes:)

Take care and good luck this week


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hello & good luck :D
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Hi and good look. One of my brides (im a florist) is a nurse, and i had 2 give her a ten minute lecture on how it is safe, and ok 4 me 2 do! lol She was prob more worried id drop dead and leave her with no wedding florist more than anything!!! lol xxxx
Welcome :) we had similar starting weights and a similar first week loss :)

I've not told anyone in work about CD just for the reason you gave, and if anyone asks me about my trips to the loo, I'll just tell them I am trying to be healthy and get more water.....

Best of luck with the diet :)

Danielle, LOL at the comment about the bride he he....


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Morning Murray:)

How's it all going?????


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Well done for your first week! That's really good!

I scale hop too - always did when I did low carb too. I also think it keeps you motivated.

I've only told 2 or 3 people that I'm on the diet, but all I get is nagged at over it. It's best to keep wquiet I reckon!

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