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New Piccies! :)


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So to spur me on for the final stretch of my journey i got my bf to take a couple pics of me just before i left for bingo this afternoon! :giggle:

Week 18 5st 9lbs down .. 11lbs to go .. Size 12 top, size 14 trousers :) Also they are in my album if peeps wana see the before piccies!

p.s ... didnt win a bloomin thing at bingo!
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how bril. you must be really pleased. you look so fab. only 11lbs to go- you will soon be starting refeeding. good luck


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yup, 15 sleeps till refeed! lol
Wow u look great! well done, im sure that last 11lb will be off in no time x


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WooHoo!!! Look at you girl!! Fantastic xxx

(ps - I have same kitchen cupboard doors - different handles ;))


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:giggle: jan!!

Thanks guys :) Just something to keep my mind on track these last 2 weeks - i've a feeling its going to feel like forever!!


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looking great :)
and sooo close to target - well done!


Here we go again!
Well done Tanya, looking good!

Like you, I'm afraid these next 2 weeks will really drag! Can't wait for my chicken and salad!

I'm taking another update pic on thursday. They're all taken on a disposable camera and I will post them up once I get them developed after my hols. Dreading seeing the starting one so much!!


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Thanks guys - actually i made a booboo - week 18 not 19! lol getting ahead of myself! lol

Bev, i cant wait to see your piccies - you are guna be a totally different woman!!!


Positivity is the key
Hi Summergurl,
Fabulous pics, you look so good, it is great to follow your journey in visuals. Thanks for posting them.


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Hey Summergurl,

How is it possible to see a gallery?? I havent been able to see an yet!?


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Think you may need to have 50 posts - you get more privileges then xx


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yeah like jan said, 50posts then you can see others albums :D


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Thanks Girls,

Makes things a little more understandable. I also realised that you have to have more posts to have a longer signature... Ah well will have to leave it a few days before adding my holiday tickers!!!
havnt seen before pics as I cant see your album yet but you look fab x
well done you ahve done brilliant and look a totally different person
:wow: What an amazing transformation,....15 sleeps to go and it will be even better than Christmas!!! :dancing_snowman:


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:giggle: supa!!!!!!!!

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