New pictures


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You look lovely Megan! You have made loads of progress! Well Done!


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Well Megan, just saw you're post, I thought you'd disappeared. THe pics are great, and esp must be motivational for you to see how far you've come, you don't have that much more to go either!


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Wow the transformation is amazing - your looking great ;oD x


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You have come so far only me, I have just looked at your pre-diet photos as well. Looking like a different person and very pretty. Well done! x


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Just taken a peak at before and after, you look fab, if you look this good now imagine how you will feel when you get to where you want to be? :D


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You look fab Megan. Also had a look at all your pics - I think you may be slightly bonkers!! lol

I'm also loving Olive... i had a JR when I was younger and she was wonderful!! Loved her to bits! (I have a slightly bigger dog now!)

Well done on getting to day 6... keep it up lovely!!



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haha, had a look at the pre-diet ones and're funny...and it's a nice loss!!!! xxx


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congrats on your achievement you have done fantastically well :)


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your looking gorgeous megan!!! xxx


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Megan you look great!! x