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New & really need help

I just joined this site yesterday for a bit of weight loss advice, if anyone can help :)
I'm 5 ft 10 and 10 stone 7. According to weight watchers my ideal weight should be between 9 stone 13 and 12 stone 6, so I am perfectly healthy. I'm also quite muscly, which adds to the weight. I am relatively slim and wear size 8-10.

I really am looking to lose another half a stone. I want to be able to wear clothes and look really skinny in them, I also feel really good when I am eating and exercising well. However I'm not really sure how to do this, I do an hour in the gym every day (or fast walking the dog stuff like that) and I eat three small healthy meals and one healthy snack per day. I'm not sure how I can get any skinnier without doing a ridiculous amount of exercise - which I dont really have the time- or eating less, and I'll just end up starving and end up binging.

ANY HELP AT ALL would be really appreciated
thankyou :)
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I'm sorry you have not had any answers yet, I think it is because you are asking a tough question. You are a healthy weight and you eat heathily and exercise healthily already and you feel well. Most people would worry that if you do eat less or exercise too rigourously you could do damage to yourself. I think you should ask the advice of your doctor - he/she will be able to say whether it is safe for you to drop some weight, perhaps on a low carb diet for a couple of weeks, or whether you would then be too slim for your frame. I'm sorry I am not being much help but you are right it is not worth risking your health to lose 1/2 a stone. Take care xxx.
I believe people have an ideal weight and that it is very hard to get below it. Perhaps you are at your ideal weight. If you want to alter your shape you may need advice on whether exercise needs to be on a certain area of the body.

Irene xx


Violet is shrinking
Hi, i think you need the advice of a doctor or a personal trainer if you wish to change.
without being too harsh,"wanting to look reallyskinny in clothes" isnt a good reason for dieting and in todays world of body conscious people,especially young teenagers it doesnt prove well.
it does sound that you have body image issues,maybe youre not seeing yourself as you are... :rolleyes:

good luck

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