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Hi, I am going to be returning to LL next wed, currently on Cambridge diet but hate the packs. I started again this Mon for the upteenth time and managed 3 days before I caved today and ate some chocolate! I lost 4 stone and 2 pounds on LL last year; this did not take me to goal and really needed to lose a further 2 stone - my downfall was my holiday.I have put 1 stone and 3 pounds back on, I have been trying to get back on it on and off since last July. Has anyone got any tips as to how to successfully do this the 2nd time around. I have to lose this stone at least as all my clothes won't fit!! Hoping to hear from someone!
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hi Tina, we are both in the same boat! lol. I have gained a stone since losing 3 on lighterlife and really want to lose another 3 or 4! I really think that chattin on this forum will help us all through the bad times and make the good points really worth sharing! Good luck!
hi Jellybabie, have you gone back to the programme yet? I was weighed yesterday and have lost 5 pounds since I was last weighed 3 weeks ago so I am quite chuffed. I am hoping to do quite well this week and will check in on the forum for support. The forum doesn't seem to be very busy tho'??
All the best



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Hello!!!! I'm a returner too and need lots of inspiration:sign0009:!!! I had lost over four stone last year doing lighter life and then went on an all inclusive holiday to Jamaica in September last year and since then I have been trying and failing to be abstinent!:cry:
I have put on over two and a half stone between sprtember and now and I am so fed up with myself. :mad:
I felt great when I was on holiday and really want to get that feeling back again because my weight is starting to stop me from enjoying myself as it did before LL.
My plan is to re-start tomorrow morning so i'm hoping that i can get support from other returners to get me through the first week and the next couple of months!!!:D This site really helped me first time round and i'm hoping it will this time too:help2:


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Hi Tina, i went along to LL and i start again on Friday! I really cant wait to get back on track! I never had this forum last time and im sure it can help this time! I am SO determined now, i am fed up with self sabbotaging my success!
And hello Harri..................you CAN do it too! I would love to keep in touch with both of you and do this thing TOGETHER

Diane xx


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hey Tina, yes that would be great! Am so glad to have found someone in the same boat that i will be floating in on Friday LOL, if you are with me im sure it wont sink! Why dont you start a Diary on here where we can all add to every day, thoughts, feelings, weightlosses etc, inspiration? You CAN do this! So can i!!!! xxx
sounds good to me!!!:D how do you create a diary??? i'm a bit rubbish when it comes to computers!!
Anyway i'm all for having buddies to help motivate each other so i'll be staying in touch defo!:character00148:
Hi Harri! If you look at the main menu in the home page and scroll down to diaries.....you will see mine and can add your own! This weighloss journey does not have to be fought alone, together we can conquer it!
And Tina, have you started your journey yet?? Hate calling it a diet!!
I have added my diary so feel free to come over and chat anytime!

Diane xx
Hey Tina, you are not thick! lol, just takes a while to get used to the navigation lol. If you go to the top of this page and click on the the blue writing that says minimins weight loss support forum then scroll down slowly till you see members diaries, i think? Let me know if you find it xx

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