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New Scales Dilemma

I just bought posh new scales, but they make me 3lbs heavier than my £3 ones.

I'm doing WW online, should i put in the new weight and just carry on from there even though it will look like ive put on weight where ive actually lost?

or should i just carry on with my old crappy ones (think the new ones are more accurate though)
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If it was me id stick to the old scales. Especially as they are the ones youve been previously using. Next time you have docs appt or go to boots etc could you maybe weigh there? That way youll then know which is most accurate?
i think the new ones are more accurate, ill just be gutted to record a gain on my chart thingy.
I personally would switch to the new ones if they are a better set than the old ones. I know they will show a gain but only for this one week as you will weigh in on the new ones again next week.

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I agree, use the new ones, the online chart thing will ask you if you know why you gained, you do (although you also know you didn't gain, it was the evil scales!!) and then just carry on, you'll still be recording losses, and its a new incentive to lose weight to get your figures back to where they were on the old scales.
I think basically you'll have to take the hit for one week with the jump up- and then as long as the new scales are accurate you'll still be able to record losses week after week anyway.

I do WW by myself and find that my home ones match the ones in Boots pretty much so that might give you an idea if they're right or not :)
im just hoping ive lost 3lbs by tomorrow and i can record a STS. Very unlikely!

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I'd go with the new ones too :) Chances are they're slightly more accurate. Are the new digital?

And RE doctors scales, I don't know about anyone else but mine have old analogue ones with the red pointer that are SO inaccurate it's unreal. And they make me keep my shoes on :confused: You'd think DOCTORS would have decent, accurate scales not some old cheap rubbish ones :p
i blame the tories! :p

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