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New slimmer help?

Hey all. I'm new to slimming world and am going it alone from home and i was wondering if ya'll could clarify a few things.
Im basically on the plan in order to lose the flab/fat/annoying chubbyness that just won't budge from my waist/stomach. I'm not overweight and my bmi is fine, yet whatever i do doesnt seem to have an effect. Ive tried the gym - running - and sit ups. I eat pretty healthily. And yet i remain decidedly 'pear shaped.'
This bugs me as i occasionally like to show off my legs, yet wearing skinny jeans can get pretty uncomfortable as they fit my legs fine, but give me the dreaded muffin top.
Whew. So anyway what i want clarifying is this:
I was previosly on another diet where i was eating just under 900kcal a day. Minimal carbs. Each day i'd eat 2 weetabix with 150ml skim milk, green tea. Lunch would be 1/2 tin tomato and a
Tin of tuna in brine (drained) with 50g cauliflower and 50g broccoli. Dinner = wholemeal pitta bread, approx 120g boneless skinless chicken breast and 100g tinned tomato with the same veg as lunch. This diet has yet to have a noticeable effect. Ive been on it for a couple of weeks (but have had 'days off')
Correct me if i'm wrong, but that looks pretty much like a 'red day'... Except what with all the 'free' foods, i'd actually be eating more chicken and veg PLUS unlimited fatfree yoghurt if it was slimming world... And thats not even including syns.
So is there any benefit in doing this? It seems to be that im encouraged to eat more on slimming world... Seems counter intuitive. Bearing in mind a green day would be even more calorific...
Also i'm a little worried that because of the small amount of kcals my previous diet had, my body's entered into 'starvation mode', so all these extra cals are gonna be doubly bad as my body will be trying to absorb as much as poss... Any help therr would be great. How long does starvation mode last?

All help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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I don't have much advice really other than with SW, for the first time, the first bit to slim down for me has been my waist - where it was blobby before it's now much smoother. i follow EE with the odd green day thrown in. I really don't know how it works, I'm never hungry, but it does!


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The first thing with SW is not to worry about calories. Yes, your body will be in starvation mode with only 900 cals and you may put some weight on when you start SW.
You can have unlimited meat and veg etc on a red day but you only eat until you are satisfied - you certainly wouldn't have to weigh cauli and broccoli though, this seems crazy to me.

If you are pear shaped, you will remain pear shaped. No amount of dieting or exercise can change your body's natural shape - unfortunately that's just the way it is.

Give SW a try, vary your meals and eat more than you are doing. Give it a few weeks though and good luck.

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