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New Start and shop


plodding away
Hi everyone

I have posted now and again on here and everywhere else. Have been faffing about from diet to diet for what seems like a lifetime - and still got loads to lose :sigh:

Have been successful losing weight before with ww and sw but have never managed to maintain cos I didnt change my life for good. This time I have got my head in gear and am telling myself I choose to eat the low carb way and to lead a healthy life with no nasty processed food.

Will be following a low carb plan, not strictly atkins but will be sneaking on here for advice and meal ideas - it will be a culture shock to stop the evil carbs ;)

I did my first atkins friendly shop today and couldnt help feeling a bit guilty as if people were looking in my trolley and thinking no wonder she's fat with the butter, cream and cheese etc. :eek: Wonder why it didnt occur to me that people would be wondering why I was still fat when my trolley was full of low fat stuff. Am sure most people have no interest in my trolley. :)

Have got the week off work so plenty of time to set myself some goals and start my new life.

Hope to get to know you in the coming weeks.
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Good luck! I am also trying to cut down on the carbs but am going for a more low fat diet because I worry about the effect too much fat may have on cholesterol levels. I find a combination of this with calorie counting has worked in the past but people find their own way of losing weight successfully if you read this forum.
Hi there Vanda, haven't seen you post in a while.

Sarah, i know we are all different but my cholesterol level went from dangerously high to normal in my first 6 months on Atkins.
Thats interesting Jim. I wonder why that was. Maybe cholesterol has more to do with genetics than diet. I'm having mine tested again in a week and it will be interesting to see whether the low fat diet has worked in reducing the cholesterol or whether it is just losing weight that makes the difference. Some people just seem more prone than others to higher cholesterol.
Oh I agree Sarah, genes certainly play a large part in all our make up love.


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Hi Vanda - best of luck!
Im the same when im shopping - meats, cream cheese etc.


plodding away
Thanks all

Anyone got any tips on how to overcome the uneasy feeling when cooking foods that I would not have eaten before like bacon with the fat on.

I have a slight urge to eat loads of crap cos feel I am 'off' a diet. Am not going to give in as this is a lifestyle change for me. Just wondered if anyone else felt like this in the start of low carb life.
ah yes, we have all been through that, it comes from a lifetime of advice on what's good and what's bad Vanda. Fat is Good! LOL


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I think i got to the stage a couple of weeks ago when i really couldnt face another cooked breakfast but i persevered and got through it. Get trimmed bacon, you dont necessarily have to eat the fat!


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Yum the fat off lamb chops when its gone all crispy is one of the best :drool:


plodding away
Cant believe how excited I was with full fat mayo on my salad. One of the reasons I never ate many salads before was the dreadful low fat dressings.

I really want to improve the quality of food I am eating and this seems to be encouraging me more than any other plan I have tried in the past. I too ate loads of processed stuff when on ww and then wondered why I felt terrible.

off to get a thrill from using olive oil when - shock horror - frying my chicken. I really need to get out more!

Vanda, remember don't use Extra Virgin for frying, but you probably knew that.
It's something to do with the smoke point being lower so it's easier to burn, I also read something once about it being cancerous if too hot Vicki.

That plus it's just a waste of a good oil. :)

I stick to the cheapest OO for frying and stir frying.
I keep the EVOO for salad dressing and stuff Vicky.

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