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new start new diary


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
hi there thought i would start a new food diary . i have not been having much success with sw so far and have resorted to giving my consultant my diary to see if she can tell me what i am doing wrong , hopefully she will tell me on tue . If anyone here wants to tell me were they think i am going wrong please do :D

so here goes : Friday 2nd october E.E

breakfast: melon, banana, honey nut sw (28g hexb) black tea with sweetner

lunch: chicken salad with extra light mayo (3syns) shape yoghurt

dinner : savoury rice with chicken pieces
2 fozen mullerlights and cruchie 9.5 syns and friday night treat.

today i have drunk loads of water and 2 cans of d.coke . also milk (250mls hexa)
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i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
thanks for pointing that out yes it was .have edited the post . Today i am in a good mood as i won the bonus ball in work .We all have a number in work and put a pound in every friday and as my number 17 and the bonus ball this week was 17 i won , cant belive it also i had a sneak peak at the scales and it lookin good but not couting my chickens just yet as i know my weight flucuates during the week . over the weekend i have 2 green days and have drunk enough water fill a sink . am hoping for a good weight loss this week as i have been going up and down loads even though my clothes have been feelin loser . roll on wi.:D


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
Saturday 3rd October

Today i started out the day with all good intentions of it being an ee day but i ended up going green as i spent the afternoon up in the hospital with my mum and granda visiting my uncle who 8 weeks ago fell off a roof and was left seriously brain damaged and paralised fronm the waist down . So as i brought a hi- fi bar and 2 square bars with me the day ended up being green and i syned the 2 square bars

Breakfast:banana , egg,melon and shape yoghurt.

Ryvita minis & diet cke (hexb) 3 babybel light and 250mls ss milk (hexa)

Lunch:cous cous, shape and apple

Dinner: sausage/ beans/ potato bake with 28g cheese (hexa) frozen mullerlight

syn: square x 2 =2
mullerlight layeered= 2
scan bran=0.5
15 altogether


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
thanks mommyb my uncle is beig moved to nursing home beside us during the week, which will be alot better for my granda as he goes up to the hopsital every day and he is not in the best health himself .
My wi is tuesday x


i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !
sunday 4th october Green day

hi there have had a good day 2day wathining tv and snuggled up in bed . went to church this morn and as it was our harvest soup for lunch in the church .

so far today i have had

breakfast:melon and honey-nut sw (hexb)+ muller

snack @11= hifi bar (6syns)
lunch wholemeal roll (hexb) & homemade veg soup .

frozen muller light layered x2=4 syns

Dinner spag bol with 56g cheese (hexa)

wrigleys airwaves 5 pieces= 0.5 syns

am going out to night am taking with me 2 frozen mullers (freefood)

Have syned by about 10.5 2day and have left the rest as i am not sure what the veggie soup would be . Have drunk loads of water 2 .

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