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New Start on Rosemary Conley


soon to be skinny minnie
S: 16st8lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st7lb(3.02%)
Hi i joined last week, the kickstart is 1200 cals for the first couple of weeks. Me and my oh joined, we have both been good all week and is our first wi tomorow.

Generally i have been eating

Brekki: Green pot of special k with berries (it gives a good amount)/or cheerios

mid am: power snack (mini banana)

Lunch: bagel with laughing cow extra light and ham

mid pm: power snack (apple)

Dinner: chicken , sweet potato mash and veg, or bolognaise and salad or ready meal with salad.

That is usually me until the morning but if i'm really hungry i have an apple or a couple of salt and vinegar rice cakes x
G: 10st10lb
1200 calories for the first 2 weeks 1400 calories for the next 2 weeks and then you get a calorie allowance based on your current weight to carry on with which is normaly more than 1400 unless you only have a small amount to loose.

If you are going to a class you will be given a booklet for the first 2 weeks to follow food wise, but as long as you don't exceed the calorie allowance and no naughtie treats or alcohol for the first 2 weeks (you can have them later on) you will have a great weight loss.

Good luck.
Hi there, i am also planning on starting from Monday, i think you really need some sort of info befoe you start, although saying that, all i have is the latest Rosemary Conley mag.Basically for the first two weeks our daily calorie alowance is set at 1200 cals.It may seem rather strange, but i am off on holiday in 2 weeks time, but have decided to follow the diet for 2 weeks before i jet off for some sunshine, maybe we can help and encourage each other along the way?
I am planning on having my own thread on here and posting my food diary evey day.
|best of luck
Frankie x
G: 10st10lb
Hi Frankie, good idea to try and shed a few pounds before your holiday, at least that way you will be in the swing of things diet wise by then and hopefully your motivation will help you through your hols. Welcome to the site and anything you need to know just shout. Good luck.

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