new start today hello all :)


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hi everyone am kelly 28 and i really need to lose 3-4 stone am very unhappy at the moment with my weight it gets me down most days and i hope you guys can give me some good advice i live in greece and we dont have ll or cambridge and a lot more diets you have in uk ,so am trying the low calorie diet but don't know where to start please help :confused::confused::confused:
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Hi and welcome. I bet your weather is hotter than ours at the moment. Have a look at some of the diet websites. Some do a week's menu plan which you could start with.

Good luck
Irene xx


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hi Kelly i live in Gambia and we too don't have any slimming clubs. I ahve joined body optermizing which is an on-line version of Slimming world. I am in my 2nd week and with the help and info from this site so far i am on track
good luck


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Hi Kelly,

I am also new here and doing calorie controlled. I have lost weight this way in the past and found it easy to stick to. I remember always saying to everyone how easy it was! I've put a stone back on though so need to get on it! I like calorie controlled because you can continue with it to maintain your weight after you reach your target, not like other 'fad' diets where you are flung into the deep end once its finished!

There is a lot of good advice on here, check out other users food diariess for low kcal ideas. Its good to find very low kcal foods that you like, for those times when you just want to eat cos your bored! I eat a lot of hartleys sugar free jelly (after most meals) as it feels like im getting a desert but its ultra low kcal. Pickled onions and beetroot are also good 'boredom snacks'. Also, fill yourself up with fruit and veg.

Everyone is different and you need to find ways to make yourself stick at it. I will have a treat every week if I lose, its always an incentive to be good the rest of the week!

Good luck!

Mumma K

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hello and welcome to the forum good luck to you
on your future weight loss

Devon Dolce

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Hello and welcome - I hope you find a plan that fits in with your lifestyle! Lucky you living in Greece! xx


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Hi Kelly, welcome to the forum. Hope you find a diet that suits you. This is a great place to get support.