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New Start

Right. New start as of today. I am the world's worst dieter. I think I must have lost my entire body weight several times over and put it all back on again.

I had a really rubbish week last week. I had a miscarriage. It was devastating. However, I'm going to use this moment in my life to get my body in much better shape for when I (hopefully) fall pregnant again. It does not have to be a healthy diet, but it has to work fast (I am very inpatient!) and also be flexible as I have lots of Christmas lunches and dinners coming up! Does anyone have any ideas? I can't live without carbs.

So far today I've had a nice big bowl of porridge with skimmed milk and a very naughty sprinkling of desicated coconut which I found in the kitchen cupboard at work!
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It is cheaper than most meal replacement diets and allows quite a generous amount of food and snacks.

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I've had two and they're not nice. Good luck with conceiving again.
Try using any one of the free online software I'm trying for calorie counting. You get to eat what you want of what's available, but count it so as not to go over?
If you were talking after xmas and no meals out I'd suggest lipotrim or cambridge as they're the fastest.... there's no eating real food with them though. I lost 6st in 5 months last year...... and then put it all back on again, but that's another story. (had a hip replacment ate my frustration :O )
I think really youd have to decide which you wanted, speed of weight loss or the flexibility for Xmas etc. I dont really think you can do both successfully.

For speed you cant beat CD or LL
For something that you can incorporate into every day life & social settings, Id totally recommend WW. That, SW or Calorie Counting are the best options for something like that, but the losses are a bit slower
Ok thanks! I think I'll try weight watchers and see how I go. Well done Lesleyfx on your wieght loss last year, I'm sure you'll be able to lose it again if that's what you want. How's your hip now?
I lost 3 lbs this week, but then went to Wagamamas for lunch - had Yaki Udon noodles (yummy!) ate a bowl of cornflakes with skimmed milk for breakfast, and the same for my dinner and somehow managed to put on 4 lbs in one day! I think I just need to look at food! Anybody doing anything nice at the weekend?


Don't forget about the weight of food and liquid - it might just be that if you get my meaning?!

Sorry to hear about your miscarriage, and there was me moaning on about a few pains! Big hugs hun!

No, don't worry. It was awful and I've got so many unaswered questions about that no-one can answer, but I have two healthy beautiful children that I also need to concentrate on. Do you have kids / would like them one day?


I'm sure you have. Do you have boys or girls or both? I haven't got any children, not sure about the one day, maybe.........
I've got one of each. Would love to have more, but I'm happy with two if it wasn't ever to be. Would love 6 but think my husband would never share a bed with me again if I told him that! Would love to be able to skip the giving birth bit though, that's not fun! Special, but very painful!
I had several miscarriages but ended up with 2 lovely boys and 2 gorgeous girls; at the time it feels like all your dreams have been cruelly snatched away and the emptiness is unbearable. It does improve though and you will feel better soon. You'll never forget entirely though.

Sending you hugs.

Thank you Barbs. I thought I was doing ok, until on Saturday I took my 3 year old to a party and there was a tiny newborn baby there and I couldn't stop myself from crying. Just thinking about what could have been.

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