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New Start....


Angel in training
Hi all, I have done CD before and only lasted a week - I just wasnt in the right place to do it. But now I am ! so I have started today and so far so good!

I dont know about anyone else but before i start a new diet I always have the last meal - the big blow out... but last night ..I didnt do that ..no last meal no big blow out ...and I think for once i did the right thing..as I dont have any feeling of feeling deprived.. i just got up this morning and ate something different... its gonna be different this time! Im gonna do it.
One tip tho for anyone who is new and gets the spritz thing that you add in your drink...i went to have a sniff to see what it smelt like and got half of it up my nose!!! - so if your gonna smell the spritz...take a step back first !lol

I got loads to lose - nearly half of me infact... anyone else start today and have a way to go - feel free to contact me!
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Hey Fallen - not starting today - I am 12 weeks in now, but just wanted to say hi, and YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! I started with half my bodyweight to lose (started at 23st 6lb, want to get to 11st 10lb - exactly half my start weight!) and am very nearly 5stone down already - in just 12 weeks!!! This is the first diet that has ever worked for me, and I have tried most of them out there!

Anyway just wanted to say Hi and good luck!!!
hi welcome to this site, we can do this together, i started in feb but not religously stuck with it had breaks for hols and wkends away, birthday celebs and so on, but 3 and half stone gone, im pleased, another 6 stone to go tho,


Silver Member
Hi Fallen & welcome.

I am 8 weeks in but still have around 7 stones to lose. Started at 18st 12lbs & need to get to 9 stone I did have over half my body weight to lose but I am 3stone down. :D

You CAN do it. :) xx


Angel in training
aww thank you all for your support!! wow bish bosh 5stone in 12 weeks is just amazing...how do you feel? have you have lots of people notice? - i just so want to lok different...no...i want to look like me! and not me in a fat suit lol!....

Tracy2421 - thank you also for your reply... i found it hard the first time i started cd - i just wasnt in the right place, as they say, but I am now - and im gonna stick with it ... i got to... i have no more excuses!...3 and a half stone is excellent - i cant wait !!
Fallen, it's hard to describe how I feel :D sometimes I sit and think that I still feel so huge (I am after all still 18st 9lb), but then I remind myself that I have lost nearly 5stone and I feel better again. My energy and fitness levels are unbelievable compared to how they used to be!

I used to panic if I couldnt park really close to a supermarket or shopping mall or whatever, now I dont care because I know I wont get puffed out just walking around Tesco! I used to suffer terribly with back pain after pushing my daughter around in her buggy, or from walking too far, but this is no longer a problem.

The only problem with losing so much weight is it is so expensive...I have had to buy loads of new clothes because my old clothes are far too big now!!!! Have gone from size 24/26 to size 18 top, size 20 bottoms!

I should also add that I have *moments* of realisation - wonderful moments of realisation. Like today, I took my daughter to soft play. Spent an hour and a half chasing her round, climbing, crawling through tubes etc. The realisation was that 3 months ago I wouldnt have done that - firstly because I would have felt too fat and been worried about people starring at me, secondly I would be afraid of breaking the equipment, and thirdly because I just wouldnt have had the energy :D
welcome aboard the weight loss bus!, its the best thing i have ever done, lost 1 stone 2lbs in two weeks and still trying to understand where its come from! only another 3 stone to get to get to the magic 10 stone barrier x


Angel in training
I know how you feel - i would have to go round the car park just to find a space with enough room so i could get out the car - the comments i have had from people - i feel like saying im fat not deaf! - i just so wanna do stuff with my kids - get on rides - run about - live!.... i cant wait - i feel so inspired by you !
You know, the more I read the more I KNOWI have come to the right place, at the right time, on the right diet. Rock on girls!!!
Lynne xx
Fallen, I felt exactly the same way when i joined this forum, there are alot of very inspiring people on here. I was determind that I would become an inspiration to others, so your words have really touched me. Thank you xxx
hi fallen

i to had the same amount of weight to lose actually a little more at 145lbs
i wont lie i found this diet hard at times and even stopped for a while but its the only one i found that you get great quick results with
i have re started i`m on day 5 today and all i can say is when it gets tough come on here as this place will keep you motivated. read the diaries they will spur you on
good luck and stay strong


Angel in training
Wow you have done so well so far - i have a good look at all the before and after picture which are great - but I havent found the diaries yet...where are they?
i am looking forward to the quick results but worry about the keeping it off when i have reached target and go back to food
Good luck with your weightloss!

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