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New Starter and Cava!

:) Hi all!

I've just decided to go down the WW route, and have been doing research for a couple of weeks now. I'm feeling really confident I can do this; I've not got the books etc as I can't make meetings and I refuse to spend the silly money they charge on-line, but I'm quite happy starting as I am anyway at the moment.

I've worked out my points (25) have a weeks worth of meals in which I know the points value for, drinks etc and I'm really excited! I'm off on holiday a week on Saturday so I know it's probably silly to start now, but I see it as a good a time as ever! :p

I've even worked out booze points, although I'm concerned we have a heap of cava at home which I will be inclined to drink, I know there's no point in pretending I won't! :eek: But I can't for the life of me find the points value for a medium sized glass of it - or Prosecco.

Can anyone shed any light? :confused:
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Ha! After all that hunting I've found it...I think. The same as wine apparently, 7.5 per bottle, 1pt per 100ml. :)
It's the best isn't it!

I'm not sure our glasses at home come in small 100ml sizes though :D. I'll have to divide a bottle into 4 glasses and count them as 1.5 points a glass I suppose...? :confused:
Hahaha, I've not been a student for over 10 years and I still think like that sometimes! :cool:

I'm rubbish at stopping at one or two, especially if the bottle's just sat there after a long day at work, calling my name. I could drink a bottle every day and still have points left over, so I'll be fine. :D

(I won't by the way!!)
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The difficulty with drinking a bottle a day would be the munchies you'd get afterwards, which, sadly, never seem to tempt you towards fruit and salad and more in the direction of greasy kebabs and pizzas!

I can never stop at 1 or 2 either... I struggle stopping at 7 or 8, forcing me to step away from the chardonnay for a while until I get near target. Fingers crossed, after a while on the wagon, it might only take that 1 or 2 to give me the same "warm" feeling inside! :D
God yes you are right about the munchies! My downfall there is chocolate hobnobs - I don't turn to the toaster or kebab shop, just the biscuit tin! :eek:

Oddly, if I have a glass of wine when I get in, I don't want dinner after that, so from a pointing point of view that's quite lucky really! A couple of biccies can be totted up then!

Well done you staying on the wagon, if I even attempted to stop myself doing things like that I'd fail massively, that's why I think WW will be so good for me!

What am I like saw the word Cava and was immediately drawn to this thread.

Have to agree take the bottle share it and hopefully the exercise will burn of the points.

Well I can still dream at my age:)

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