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New Starter coming up to second weigh in : )

Hi everyone I have been on lipotrim for 12 days now, I had my first weigh in and lost 10lbs was really shocked that I could loose that much!

Struggling more now than I did in the first week, getting headaches and feel really tired. My friend suggested i come onto here, so I'm hoping i can get some help and support from you guys, as I'm not getting it from my family and friends : (
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Keep going Kizzie.. It will all be worth it hun.. 10lbs is a fantastic loss :D.. I hope you are proud of yourself. The first week is the hardest, and the tiredness can last a while.. Try and bear with it because it does pass eventually, and maybe have some early nights (a small price to pay for being skinny in the long run! lol)
It is possible the headaches are being caused by dehydration.. Are you drinking enough hun? You can take paracetamol if they get that bad.. I suffered in the 1st week and had to take some, but the headaches went by week 2.

Do your friends/family know you are doing this diet or are you keeping it a secret?

Whenever you feel cruddy, log on here hun.. It really does help and there is usually someone around (quite often me, cos i don't have a life!! lol)
We all support and encourage each other on here.. We all know what the other person is going through..

Good luck hun x x x
Thanks hun, ive been drinking 3lites of water a day from a sports bottle that i sip from when i wake up to when i go to sleep. On top of that there is also the water that i drink with the shakes.

My family and friends know that I am doing the diet but my husband in particular doesn't see why he should stop depriving himself of rubbish food just cause i have decided to diet, so he eats all sorts of yummy foods around me which is taking a lot of willpower to ignore : )
It's okay for him as he is a royal marine so he does so much fitness he never puts on any weight!

Going to keep strong though looking through all the blogs on here has made me think more positive : )

Hi Kizzie

Wow 10lbs in your first week is amazing!! I started yesterday and would be sooo thrilled if I lost half of that!!

My partner is a bit like yours!! so this time I'm determined to show him I can do it, and that he's not going to put me off with his eating bloody chocolate infront of me!!

So you do it, just to show your husband you can do it!! And keep reading on here - thats what I do too, I even get my calculator out to tot up everyones weight losses and sit here saying "wow"!! hehe!!

good luck

miss greedy!!!


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Hey hun. I see you're a fellow plymouthian!!! :) What chemist do you go to?

The diet is hard but if you sip your water and try to keep yourself busy you will do fine. It's harsh but you're husband is right - he shouldnt have to stop eating yummy food because you're not. Sure it would help but if you think about it the willpower you are showing now by not caving in to anything shows determination which you can then carry on with you once you have lost weight and are back to eating again :)

My brother is a marine and the amount of crisps he eats is ridiculous but like you say they do so much phys they burn it all off and then some! :giggle:

This place really is the best for support and advice. I started on here in January last year and i still log on every day (expect when im on holiday) and log my food, talk to people etc. It really is like another family on here! :D

Anything you need help with just ask - there's always someone lurking around!x


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Ooooh!!!! Should've guessed really with you saying hubby was a royal! :giggle: Well, welcome! hehe I actually didn't realise you lived in plymouth - thought you lived somewhere like taunton .... don't know why! LOL

How are you finding it this evening? xxx
Nope I live in whitleigh we have lived in Plymouth for about 4 years now as the hubby is based at stonehouse. Feel loads better now even managed to cook my little girl tea without wanting to eat it myself : ) When do you start your training, must be coming up soon? xx


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Yes, this weekend!!!!!!!! It's the first weekend and we start friday! I'm so excited!!! :D Its just an introductory weekend this weekend, lots of admin, getting our uniform etc. Then hopefully will be out on the beat come december!!!! It's all happening so fast now!

You're assesment is coming up soon too aint it? xx
That's great I'm excited for you, I bet its gonna feel really strange putting on your uniform for the first time, let me know how it goes. I've got my assessment in 3 weeks I'm really excited but also bricking it at the same time, not so much the tests but I'm worried I won't remember everything in the interview. x x


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You will do fine hun. Like i said, make sure you chuck in those key words and phrases. Remember that they are specials also (atleast i think they will be - those interviewing us were specials themselves) and so they have been through exactly what you are going through. Don't be afraid to ask them to repeat/rephrase etc - oh and take a bottle of water!

How are you doing today diet wise? xx
Thanks hun I'm sure I will be fine its just so important to me that I don't want to mess it up because I know I can do it, feel so much better today got my second weigh in 2morow so I'm really excited to see how much I have lost : ) x x


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Ooooh be sure to let me know how you get on! :D x

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