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New Starter............Help

Hi Kas, got to be honest with you here and say that some people do struggle with headaches at first for it does only last for a day or so - generally to a maximum of 3. After 3 days your body will be in ketosis and you will feel fine - not sure on the nasty taste you've got, some people get this but usually get it as a side effect of ketosis which would mean your headache would have gone.

Please stick with it Kas, it's a great diet and once you're over the first day or so you will feel fine - pop a couple of pain killers, don't sit there in pain.

Stay strong (((hugs)))

The headache is just withdrawal from carbs and sugar and things your body is used to. It really doesn't last that long, try to keep occupied, get some fresh air it may help clear it. I get the taste in my mouth too and find chewing gum good for it. But some people find that gum creates cravings and makes the body think it is getting food. I haven't found this though.
Is there anybody else just started like me:wave_cry: ................my heads aching, I have an nasty taste in my mouth oh and PMT with a vengence. I am so determined to do this............ but what a start! Any tiny word of advice/encouragement would be very verywelcome.
Well, you are starting out with a bang!! But look at it this way - when you geth through these first few tough days, with PMT, and you come out the other side successfully, just think how easy it will be from there on!!

Honestly, the first 3-4 days are the worst....after that you will begin to feel WONDERFUL. You will have optomisim where you might have had dread. Energy where you might have wanted to sit. Soon you will feel your clothes fitting etter - and I do mean SOON!!

It is all so worth it - grit your teeth and get through these first days and you will sail through. Promise!!! :)
Hello Kas,

and welcome to the LL thread. Oh dear what can I say, what you need to do is get and nice big fluffy pillow and lovely cushiony duvet, 2 headache tablets, wrap us warm and pamper yourself. Put yourself first for the next couple of days;)

As been said the first 3 days are the worst but you will get over it. This site is full of people who thought they couldnt do it and as you read through you will see they all survived.

Unfortuneately you are not allowed gum on LL, I dont know why, but there you go. You will find that when you go for your drop in you will be so pleased that all your symptoms will disappear.

Good luck, keep in touch, and congratulations on taking control of you life once and for all:)
hi kas, i'm on day 3 - and also TOTM, got a headache too! Do feel motivated though and my jeans are also a little looser, and my stomach even feels flatter, just keep reading the posts and look forward to our first weigh in, my pop in is Saturdayx
Let's keep going


I'm on day 1 and have the headache ... can't stop peeing and generally would kill for a bit of bread. Everyone says it gets better and I just hope they're right. Keep going and let me know how you get on I would love to hear things are better tomorrow - I just know it's going to be worth it .

I haven't worked out how to do the slide scales or anything - I'll try soon just to take my mind off bread!
Glad your surviving 2Bslim.

If you look at the blue bar at the top there are tutorials it tells you in there how to do a ticker.

Good luck.
Thank you all for your support its very welcome indeed. Do feel better this morning to be honest. I know once i see the weight Coming off I will be better. But all I want now is an immediate 5st weight lost …………..I know that’s impossible. So I will just have to bide my time like everyone else and get on with it, as you can guess I not the most patient of people and want to look like a goddess TODAY!
I understand how you feel about wanting be slim immediately, but you would miss out on so much if that did happen.

I remember the first time I put on my size 22 (once very tight) trousers and they started slipping down. Then there was the time I could go in ordinary shops and buy an 18 whey hey. There are so many things like that on the way that you will enjoy and when you do you must come on here and share it with us.

Yesterday I tried on a pair of 16's and although I cant wear them yet, I got them on and think in a couple of weeks they may fit.

Good luck Kas you will do it and you will enjoy the journey (perhaps not every minute) but most of it;)
yes the first few days are hard and you do get hungry but after that yuo feelo good and motivated and it becomes a habit a way of life to have thiose foodpacks and when you lose that weight you feel so uplifted especially when peoplle noticde
Kas I know what you mean about wanting an immediate 5st loss, sounds great to me :D

It's wierd though, whereas I thought I'd be obsessed by food and what I'm missing I'm actually more obsessed with weight losses and 'what if's' ..... every date that someone mentions I immediately mentally calculate what weight I can be by then - whether it's a week away or 3 months away!
hi kas, i'm on day 3 - and also TOTM, got a headache too! Do feel motivated though and my jeans are also a little looser, and my stomach even feels flatter, just keep reading the posts and look forward to our first weigh in, my pop in is Saturdayx
Hi there how you doing .................................I have just been to drop in and I've lost 9lbs wow! didnt really want to get weighted until tues (1st full week) but could'nt resist. So I am feeling very positive right now even though still got PMT headaches. Swapped the soup packs for shakes, I thought I would like the soups best however cant stand them. We have the 1st of the bars to look forward to today yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:wow: brilliant loss Kas - well done :clap:

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