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new starter needs encouargement

Hi Jackie and welcome.


Drink your water - minimum of 2 litres but no more than 4 litres
Use fresh breath strips for bad breath
Log on here regularly for invaluable support, insight and motivation
Use FibreClear to stave off hunger pangs between shakes and help with the old bowel movements

It can be tough at times but it is so worth it when you see the weight dropping off. Good luck with it all.
I'am on day one of lipotrim (second time around) and really am focussed to do it for 8-10 weeks. I've got a wedding in May so fingers crossed, let me know how you get on, :)
I found putting off breakfast shake till 11am, lunch around 3.30 then soup in the evening split into 2 drinks as its so thick and creamy, 1 around 6 then 1 around 8.30pm as I get really hungry in the evenings. Good luck x
I think I may give that a go too - thanks Curvygirl x
Only back on lipotrim too love, had a 2 week run on Lipotrim before Christmas, and once your over the first week it's great :) Seen earlier alot of people suggesting FibreClear to help feeling more full etc, going to have a wee go at that, best of luck love ;-) thanks to Cate for the FibreClear suggestions aswell x
Hope this motivates you - just back from my first weigh-in and down 13lbs!! Couldn't beleive it, and neither could she - the 2 of us were counting on our fingers to confirm!!!
Okay so maybe a pound or even 2 could be allocated to different clothes - but even so!!!!
Started on Sunday and I'd have killed for food on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - and I have killed anyone that looked at me Wednesday and I was thinking to myself, this isn't worth it - while also saying a good weigh-in might keep my going another week!!! I woke up yesterday morning full of the joys and have been like that since (despite having a terrible 2 days at work)
Try to live out the bad few initial days - your whole mood will change at some stage - for me it was day 5, for others its sooner.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
All the best on your TFR diet. I can't add much to what has been said.
Water will be your best friend both to keep you hydrated and to keep hunger at bay.
Keep water bottles all around the place so one is always at hand.
Take a fibre supplement every day. I took three psyllium husk capsules(Holland and Barratt) twice a day with half a litre of water.
Set some mini goals for yourself. Setting aside money for every ten pounds you lose and putting it towards a treat or a new outfit.
Picking a fave outfit from the back of the wardrobe and trying it on each week until it slips on oh so easily!!!
Keeping very busy to avoid being tempted by food.
Soon it will be a habit and you wont miss food at all!!!
Well, I am on day four so started at the same time as Jackiebugs. Good to read the tips from experienced users as I will need the help to keep going. From my own experience over the last few days, the drinking of water is really important to keep you from hunger pangs by keeping your tummy feeling full.

Day three was horrible and I will hope not to have many more like it but so long as you are not making yourself ill, keep going as once you break through barriers, it will get better from what I have read.

I know that initial, early day weight losses are generally higher than what will become normal, this applies to every diet I have tried, but it still is a good motivator so enjoy them.

Can I ask what the 'Breath Strips' are? I know from the DVD Lipotrim do (they really ought to make a better one) that the only thing recommended is the Listrine Original mouthwash which I find so unpleasant as it burns my mouth so I have to dilute it with water.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
The "Breath strips" are a dissolvable strip that melts in your mouth and freshens your breath. They are handy to keep with you when you think your breath is really overpowering!! You should be able to get them in the pharmacy. Otherwise stick with the Listerine Original. Diluting it is a great idea as it is pretty strong tasting!!!
Starting tomorrow!

I have been on Lipotrim before and did well so second time around I want a quick fix so at least I don't have to buy a size bigger in my jeans.
I know this site was a great inspiration last time and kept me going when I thought I could take no more.

See you all tomorrow!:)
Hi peeps,
I have a really sore throat and feel rubbish, had to eat over the weekend :( but really getting back on the wagon today apart from feeling rubbish. I did manage to lose 6lb on my own scales so happy with that i just hope i havn't messed it all up. Well done Frankiec and everybody else :)
Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I bought some fresh breath strips today as it is embarrassing talking to people as not everyone knows i am dieting and the side effects it can cause.
Well done in losing all that weight that is really encouraging to know it is so achievable. I have just had my first weigh in yesterday and feel good i have lost 13-14 lbs. It has motivated me to keep going
youll be fine katielaura i started a week ago and had my first weighin today and have lost 9 lb so that will give me something to keep going back another week for ....just be prepared for the low days and come on here and someone will help you through it cause we're all going for the same thing x
Jackie, well done on a fantastic first week weight loss. Keep it up now for week 2.
hi, i am also on 2nd time round, gained 7lb of the 21lb lost in 6 months. hopefully only want to be on it for a few weeks to get back to what i was. how much did you fellow returners gain? is this going to be a never ending cycle lol.

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