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New Starter of Lighter Life


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Dear All,

I have been reading many threads throughout MinMins and I can say it has given me huge inspiration. Everyone should be so proud of themselves. :)

I am starting LL on Thursday and am very nervous. I am worried I will fold under family pressure. I am going away for two weekends on the trot to see family (planned a long time before starting LL) and I am worried about the comments I will get and the negativeness. So I wondering if any of you out there have family/friends that have put you "emotionally" through the mill for doing LL and how did you handle it? :confused:

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Welcome on board!

I'm not on LL but do Cambridge which works in the same way. I did find some people were very negative about it, saying it was dangerous etc etc. I stuck to my guns, explained that I had fully researched it, that it was perfectly safe and that regardless of what they said it was something I had to do for me. As they saw how much happier I was and the weight falling off they soon changed their views. I think you have to show them that you are determined and sometimes that in itself is enough to make them back off for a while!

Anyway, good luck with LL and don't let anyone stand in your way.



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what you need is a group of friends prepared to support you for the next 100 days (or should it be 96 now :p) through this and it would also give them the kick up the arse they needed.
I wouldn't pick a bunch of unreliable, drunken bums if i was you but beggars can't be choosers and they may just be the only ones available :D:eek:
Had a great night and well done for sticking to the water - you have put me to shame and as of tomorrow I'm back on it :eek:


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I always say that the doctor encouraged me to do this diet, that it is monitored and safe! (that shuts people up!!). My father is very negative about my weight loss but it's more to do with his problems than mine, you have to stay strong...but HCM, you really can do this :)


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Welcome to the group HCM - a few people have made comments on how dangerous it is, my reply is that it is monitored every four weeks by your doctor, and I also comment, that it is more dangerous to remain being obese - there are too many co-morbidities. I therefore choose to put my body into a state of famine for a few short weeks, lose the weight, and learn from the experience.

If people respond with comments such as, it's too harsh, you won't last, I simply reply, with "perhaps I will see it though, perhaps I may stumble, as I long as I know why I stumpled then I know what to look out for in the future and will know how to avoid it!"

I think 9 times out of 10, if people make comments they're just a little jealous that you have taken your weight problem to hand and are sorting it. Perhaps they have issues, but not the ability or willpower to sort them out.

Good luck - this is the easiest diet and the last diet you will ever need to follow.
Spot on Corey, the most negative comments I had were from a "friend" who is now 3 sizes larger than me! I think she didn't want to be looked upon as the fat one, pure jealousy, that's all it is! Oh, and she's lost a stone in 9 montha, ha ha!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi HCM. All the best as you start what will be the best, and more importantly the last diet of your life!! :)

If you get negative comments - do not let them sway you - jut remind them it is your life/body and your choice and your doc is aware, and it is certainly better then the strain on your heart and other organs!!! And recognise their negative comments stem from fear of the unknown and nothing more usually. ;)

I expected negative reactions too from family - but you kow what - all I got was support!! And loads of praise and encouragment. (hehe - My mother in law now calls me "sunshine feather - going to blow away in a breeze" bless her. ) And she was the one I feared would not approve of it as she is a nurse. But she sees it is a very sensible and safe program and has witnessed my health improving so is 100% behind me. Thuogh she can't believe I still have another 7 stone to lose and telle me not to go too far :D I love her - shes the best!

So you may find yourself surprised.

but be strong. YOU are choosing to do this - not them - and its down to you.

Good luck hon, and keep us posted. Lots here have gone on holidays and stayed on the plan, so you can too!!!

All the best!
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I am a Practice nurse working alongside 4 other nurses and 10 GP's ~ All very supportive and advocates of LL programme providing it is monitored - which obviously it is.
I decided not to tell those that I knew would be negative/critical/unsupportive - all those people are happy enough for me to see my weight loss and increased confidence, when I am at target I shall tell them how I did it, I just didn't need the earache!
Just remember who you are doing this for - YOU!
Good luck To you :)


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hiya Hun :) its ME !

you can do it...were all here supporting you XXX ....and only 95 days to go now ! me and Sal are on day 2 (again)

thanks for a fab night out :) i seem to have aquired an inflatable pint of Guinness

have a good week, see u soon

but i lost my guinness hat :cry: and after i swapped Devonbabe for it as well ;)

Hope the diet is going well, i am trying really hard but Steve has started today so that should help now :D


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First of all I want to thank you all for your kind words of support.
I also want to apologise for not checking in for such a long time, what with Easter weekend (I went away) and also this last week being my works month and financial year end things have been manic.

I have to say I have been reading various threads and you guys are really a support group in so many ways I can see me tapping into it to get me through.

As you can see below my first week was okay my second weigh in not so good! :sigh:

I also want you to know I haven't quite figured out how to use this website so please please do not get offended. I only found this thread by chance when I was looking for something else. I have to be honest it gave me such a boost seeing your replys.

devonbabe and Dibspl can I have a crash course please? Doh!


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Hi HCM, they're good losses - well done for sticking with it .............. especially through the trials of year end (arghhhhhh).

If you want to go straight to posts that you've written in then click on the blue band across the top where it says 'Quick Links' and choose 'Subscribed Threads' - that will show all the threads that you've written in and if they are bold there are new posts in there for you to read.

Take some time to have a good nosey around the site, nip into all the groups - believe me you can pick up a lot of useful info as well as 'meet' some really lovely people.


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Thanks Katie for the tips. I am haveing a nose as we speak but just as I think I have cracked a couple of things I get stumped again and want to throw the computer out of the window.:doh:

So I am off to do some vacuming and will give it another go soon! :sigh:


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Without a doubt LL has been the best thing to happen to me in ages!

It really, really lifts your spirits to see the weight loss week on week.

Keep on it!

Avoid the people you know are going to pick holes in it. Its none of their business!!

Do it for you. Feel good and enjoy it.

Good luck!!!
weight loss per week

Hi everyone!

I have to say, looking at some of the WL's per week, after the initial first few weeks of huge WL's - after that, it seems to level out to around 2-3lb per week for some. On a Weight Watchers, or any other of these diets, it seems that most will too loose around the same. I'm just trying to weigh up, so is it best to eat nothing, or enjoy eating but counting/weighing? For me, LL seems great because you can't weigh wrong etc, as it's just the food packs, but can't help wonder are we punishing ourselves along the way? Please don't be hard on me here,:cry: i'm not yet doing LL, but have phoned for an appointment to meet with the LLC. This seems to be my last straw - just need to know EVERYTHING!

Lots of love,
Sharon x

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Shazzy

Wel, I have not done Weight Watchers in years, so I cannot speak for them. I know they are a good diet though. But I have 140 pounds to lose in total, and by doing LL and abstaining, I will be done in July. I only started in Jaunary. There is no way I would acehive that with WW. WW is a good diet - but it takes a long time, and when you have a lot to lose - time is our worst enemy...will power runs out, lack of motivation, boredom, defeat, failure has always been the course for me.

i have done Slimming World in the past, and here is a link I posted once showing the ammount of loss and the amount of time comparison.


To be done dieting, once and for all, in just 7 months - doesn't feeel like punishment to me. Feels like a wonderful gift. :) It is a very very small sacrafice.

have a lok, and good luck with whatever you choose. :)
hi, i am starting LL on the 13th of april and i cant wait so excited reading all your positive comments has really helped me make the right descissions. This is my last resort, if this does'nt work i'm just gonna stay big heffer forever.

Good luck,
from rioroxs111


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I have tried WW and slimming world recently and yes they do work if you stick to them. I found the problem was motivation... there is no way I could have lost 6 and a half stone in 20 weeks with either!! I still have 7 stone to lose and once upon a time this would have been demoralising but knowing that I'm almost half way there already makes a huge difference and knowing that in another 6/7 months I'll be at goal is a real motivator itself Shazzy. I wish you good luck whatever you decide :)
Blonde and Bex

Thanks for you posts - you are both entirely right. In fact, I was talking to hubby this morning as I didn't feel as confident about LL when I woke up :confused: However, when I weighed it all up - I could very well be wasting yet another 6 months dieting only to loose and put on, when with LL, I can drop it hopefully within the 100 days!!! :p Sounds great to me. Best of all - can't blame it on a sneaky mouthful while cooking, as I can't eat.

Thanks once again,
lots of love,
Sharon xx

ps, phone LLC yesterday and left a message, not return call as yet, but hope she does soon as I need to get cracking. :D

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