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New starter, switcher and returner all in one! :p

Hey Gals (and any of the rare breed that is guys on here)

My signature says it all really, did CD started xenical and now I'm going back to the lovely world of VLCD hehe.

I've got a couple of days of CD stuff left and then I will be switching over to Exante which I'm just about to order :)

I platued on xenical, gained weight last week and was better than usual eating wise. Me and the girlfriend had banded around the idea of me going back onto a VLCD and her joining me and that was all the motivation I needed hehe.

Had my first CD shake this morning and feeling fine well on my way to my first litre consumed, although I know the headaches will start before the day is done hehe.

Just wanted to say hi really :D
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Creating my life

I've done CD before and I've found exante just as good. To be honest better as I don't have to go to see anyone every week.

Anyway I'm sure you'll do great.
1.5 Litres down, headache is definatly brewing can feel it coming. Not looking forward to my shake at work going to have to buy a hand blender or something first and I find them really powdery using a hand blender (Blender + Ice is SOOOO much nicer)

I'm allready looking forward to weigh in day next week, it's a near on certainty that ill break 40 bmi and 20 stone woo :D


Still Climbing That Hill!
Hi, welcome to Exante and good luck
Welcome, Im another fella on the journey. I too am finishing up my CD stuff then over to Exante, hoping it will arrive today. Good luck with the first day, Im on day two.


Rebel without a calorie
Im another fella on the journey.
It really helps when someone says they are male or female. I've seen a few posts where people assume and get it wrong lol. Sometimes the pic can be misleading and height and weight is not the best guide either!
For the record that pic really is me and I am female :)
Oh and putting my name in my sig is a bit of a give away too lol


Guess who's back...?
Hi Poogatch (what a name! I daren't ask...),

Welcome to Exante! I started today (well, yet to have a shake, I'm holding out til I get hungry as evenings are my worst time, but technically today is my first day!)...

I too am a returner to VLCDs, I did LL for 5 months losing 5 stone, but never reached goal and have put on a stone and a half in the last 18 months, so want to get three off.

Keep posting and I look forward to getting to know you better - is your GF on here too? It's lovely that you are doing it together - what a perfect support network! :)

Anna x
I am indeed, Dont know how much ill post though, bit strange us both being in the same section. Plus I dont like to red his posts hehe stumbled across this one by accident.

Nice to meet you all x


Guess who's back...?
Hi MrsPoogatch - nice to meet you too! And good luck with your weight loss - you'll do brilliantly! Are you doing Xenical, as per your profile, or are you joining your OH when he starts on Exante? Either way - onwards and downwards :)

A x
We both started today, we are sharing the CD packs I had left until the Exante turns up in the post :) I wouldn't have replied for her but I'm not sure if she'll check the thread again hehe

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