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New starter to LL HELP


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:)Hi my name is Nicky:)

:p On the 13th of april i am starting LL
cannot wait to start but im a bit worried that i am going to feel hungry:sigh: as i love my food so much.
I have 6 stone to loose i just wondered how did everyone else coped?

Many thanks!!
Do not fear - the hunger just goes away, it is the body's natural reaction to very low calories.
Any hunger you get will mean you need to drink some water, or you have forgotten your soup/shake/bar. Any other hunger is just in your head.

Best of luck
Hiya and good luck with starting LL - you won't regret it :)

I can understand why you are nervous - I was too - but you really have nothing to worry about.

The 1st few days can be hard for some people and you may feel a bit hungry during this time, but once you're in ketosis you will feel just fine and the hunger will have gone. After your 1st weigh in, you'll feel even better! :)

I had a dull headache for a couple of days and felt very tired on about the 3rd day, but nothing awful and then after the 1st week it got much easier.

Just concentrate on getting through the 1st week - do whatever you need to do - chill out, go to bed early, treat yourself with your favourite book, film or other distraction. Oh, and come on here and let us know how you're going on :)

All the best
Monkey x


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It really is the easiest diet I have ever done. The hardest things are (well for me anyway):

1) Getting in the habit of drinking water - I am up to 6 litres a day now though.
2) Planning the day around finding a loo!
3) Waking up for a pee
4) Upsert stomach some of the time
5) Lack of svoury things on the 'menu'
6) Week 4 - for some reason I felt a bit down about the diet - not really that bad, but it was the hardest week as I realised how long I would need to abstain to get where I need to be.

The best points for me have been:

1) No hunger
2) Massive weight and inch loss
3) Great group meetings in a supportive group - we have a real laugh at times (well most of the time actually!)
4) Minimins
5) Sleep well
6) Less snoring
7) Lots of energy
8) In control of my life

Things that have helped:

1) Black Pepper, herbs, chilli flakes, tabasco
2) Marigold Swiss Bouillon Powder (and did I mention tabasco?)
3) Making shakes with loads of ice
4) Whittards (etc) flavoured Coffee
5 Tabasco Tabasco Tabasco - shame they don't sell it by the litre (maybe that is why my stomach can be a bit dodgy!)
HI, welcome and congratulations on starting LL. :)

I felt a bit rough the first week and I did feel quite hungry at times but it does pass and it does get better. I made meals in advance for my family for the first week so that all I had to do was take something out of the freezer for them to heat up and I didn't need to be in the kitchen at all when there was food around.

Above all, be kind to yourself in the first week. I had afternoon naps and read a lot. I also had quite a few baths to distract me.

Good Luck in your journey. :)


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Hi Nicky and welcome to the wonderful worlds of LL and Minimins.

To be honest I never struggled at all in the beginning with the headaches etc that some people get, I was lucky like that. Like you I was nervous before I started doing LL as you don't know what to expect but it is by far the easiest diet I've ever done. My best recommendations would be not to cheat even once, that's how I've done it - I know me and I know if I eat something once then I'll continue to do so and even go so far as to sneak more bits in..... now as I say that's just me, others might not struggle like that.

It's a brilliant diet I really couldn't recommend it enough - make sure you use these groups though as well, they'll keep you supported the whole way through.

Good luck :)
Thanks for all your kind support and i will keep in touch about how my LL first week goes!
Best of luck to everyone else doing LL.
It's nice to find people in the same boat as me.



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Hi Nicky just thought I'd add my hello and welcome, so so great you've found minimins as it is fantastic! Wish I'd found it on day one of LL but was a bit later. Make sure you stay in touch and let us know how you're doing, before you know it you'll be telling us you've lost 1 stone, then 2 , then 3.........happens so quickly!! xx

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