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New Starter & very nervous - questions I need answering please !!!


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Hi Everyone on here

Well ive been ready up on this diet and so far its sounding great. I have a underactive thyroid and have now started Meds for it so I was hoping Id finally be able to lose weight.

I need to lose 4st so this diet seems ideal but Im not the easiest of eaters .......

I dont like any salad or really fruit either but I do like vegatables.

I will eat all meat I think and eggs so that is great for this diet. My only weakness is cake and chocolate. Im happy with diet drinks and i dont drink alcohol so that a good start.

I know i can have skimmed milk in my coffee but can I have sweetner? Also what yogurts are you allowed on this diet?

Any other tips to help me along would be great, is there anything I really should buy when I do my diet shop tomorrow?

Im so nervous about messing this all up, if you could all let me know what youve lost and how long youve been on it that would be a great way to meet you all.

Thanks Jo x x x
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Hello Jo... I'm Jo too!

I work from the French book, and he really does make a huge point in it about checking with your GP if you have any medical condition before starting such a diet. I will presume you have done that, and there are no issues with your following a high protein diet with your health issues and medication.

Not liking fruit is a BIG PLUS with this diet, since it's banned until you're at target weight, so we can forget that one...

Salad stuffs, you might grow to like, when you need something to CRUNCH.

Cake and chocolate we have to forget on this diet - we can bake some things which might resemble the former... if we really use our imagination... but basically, best forget all about them for a little while.

Skimmed milk is fine. Sweetener too. Yoghurts, you need fat free (I'll let the others give you specifics on the yoghurt as brand names in England are beyond me these days...)

One really important thing to acquire (I'm presuming you've got the book and have read it!) is oatbran. Not only does it help with cholesterol and fat burning, as it's indigestible, but it's also great for making galettes, "cakes", "bread" etc with... so it does enable a little variety from the old lean meat + egg diet.

Some of the other posts will help with shopping lists...

Where weight loss is concerned, expect to see a GREAT loss in the first week, where you lose water as well as fat (some of which will return when you come off the diet), but then things will level out and a loss of 1-2K per week would be expected.

I always urge newcomers to plan their shopping in advance, empty their cupboards of anything not on the diet (or lock it away/whatever it takes!), empty diaries of engagements which might cause a problem - at least initially, and prepare their menus in advance - including foods you really like! Lovely fresh fish... steak... chicken... try to cook where possible, as opening tins and packets soon gets boring...

Good luck!


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Hi Jo Welcome. :)
muller light yogs in vanilla and toffee you can eat as many as you like - the fruit ones you are restricted to 2 per day. have a look in the supermarket and find that are fat free. The flavoured ones (not fruit puree) are better as they are unlimited.

Best of luck and let us know how you are getting on x


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S: 17st6lb C: 17st0lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st6lb(2.46%)
Thanks for the reply girls

So no fruit is a massive plus as I dont eat it and I love meat, also the low fat muller lights are great as I dont like the ones with fruit in but I do love the vanilla and toffee ones.

Im going to go do my shopping today and start tomorrow - so here goes girls......

I do have the dukan diet book so will have a good read today and get up to speed with everything. Keep up with the posts everyone its so good to read and spurr you on x x x x


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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
Best of luck again and im not fussed on fruit either so i doesnt bother me at all.
Dont forget your oatbran!


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Hey hun, dont be nervous. Im certain you will feel as welcomed on here as everone else. We will all help to point you in the right direction. Make sure you post your daily menus on the thread so if your going wrong you can be told where. We've all made hiccups along the way so dont worry. Oh and just to let you know im on here with my girlies but dont follow dukan exactly so i post my menus on my diary thread only. Good luck.

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