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  1. karen999

    karen999 Full Member

    Hi all I hope to start a new diet on Monday. I am meeting with a Cambridge diet councilor tomorrow. I have 3 weeks for my skiing holiday for one week then 5 weeks till my next. I lost a lot of weight but I put it all back on. I'm back up to nearly 15 stone again. So I am sick as a chip I am back to square one! again! I lost my weight following the JUDDD diet mixed with a VLCD but I just cant stick to it. I lost about a stone juicing for 30 days but that really screwed up my metabolism. I am just hoping that this is going to be a new start to a new me and this time I can keep it off.

    Is there anything I need to know before I meet with my councilor tomorrow?

    Hoping to be keeping a daily diet update for the next 3 weeks. Gonna need as much willpower as I can muster!
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  3. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Hi there! I'm meeting my Cambridge consultant on Monday evening so will be starting on Tuesday. I had great success with Lighter Life a few years ago and maintained for a couple of years but last year went off the rails a bit for lots of reasons. Good luck!! We can do this!!
  4. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    Weight 17st ish.

    Hiya, I am also staring cambridge this week. Unfortunately I can't meet my counsellor until fri, I am trying to cut back between now and then to reduce the shock. I have yoyo'd for a few years although never losing enough, I always lose a couple of stone and then get lax with it and ultimately put it back on and this time I have out in more and I am now at the heaviest I have ever been excluding during pregnancy. I feel that now is the time for something a bit more extreme hence the cambridge. Good luck to you both.x
  5. karen999

    karen999 Full Member

    I met with my councillor today and bought about 12 different shakes and soups. I'll probably end up sticking to one if I can find one I like. I can't wait to start. Good luck. And yes we can't do this!
  6. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    I met mine today and am starting on Thursday because of a work event I can't get out of. Got my packs so almost ready... How's it going for you?
  7. karen999

    karen999 Full Member

    Well day one nearly done. I've been really busy making cakes s that is what I do part time but I haven't felt hungry at all today. What I didn't bargain for is how disgusting the shakes and soups are. Tried three different types today and they are all disgusting. If you have ever tried soy protein that is what it is like with a hint of flavour. But I managed to chug them down and not gag. Gonna try 3 different ones tomorrow. Gonna try chocolate and warm it up like a hot chocolate.

    i should add that even though they were horrible I'm not letting it deter me. Onwards and upwards! Good luck for starting Thursday and dreamofsuccess for Friday x
  8. joh2605

    joh2605 Full Member

    Hi hun, good luck with the start of your journey, I have found that the tetras put in the freezer for an hour are the best, they become thick and creamy a little like a Mac Shake. Personally I just stick to the choc tetra now for ease, no need for washing up lol

  9. Spanglymum

    Spanglymum Gold Member

    Hi Karen. When I did lighter life I found it helped me to think of the packs as weightloss medicine. Then when I actually found one or two flavours that were palatable it was a pleasant surprise! Good for you on keeping going regardless though.

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  10. IrishLad92

    IrishLad92 Full Member

    Brill keep it going :) Starting on Fri myself!
  11. karen999

    karen999 Full Member

    haha I like the medicine idea. I tell you after having the rice pudding tonight, there has to be nicer medicine than that lol. it was stomach churning! I have 1 tetra pack this week so I will try it in the freezer like you say and see what that tastes like. Ive just text my rep to ask to swap out all the soups I bought for shakes.

    I have a dilemma too. My cousin has just announced her engagement and wants to go out for a chinese in 2 weeks time. I initially told her I couldnt and that I was comitted to the diet but she was really upset and crying and I just thought, for the sake of one day. I know I am determined and will jump right back on it the following day (I go on holiday 5 days after that for a week so will be off it during that time) so my dilemma is, what can I eat that isnt too high in carbs or calories and that wont ruin all my hard work? I am hoping that one meal out wont screw it up too bad. I had suggested taking a shake with me for the meal but I think that would be like torturing myself. I dont think I could do it.
  12. karen999

    karen999 Full Member

    Well I made it through first week. I haven't been hungry at all up until yesterday when for some reason I drank an extra litre of water and had really bad hunger pangs. I've tried lots of shakes and have decided I only like the chocolate and mint chocolate and strawberry shakes and I heat the chocolate shakes up. The soups I find are disgusting and the rice pudding, well lets not mention that lol. Vile to say the least.

    just been weighed today and was 6lbs off for week 1. I was secretly hoping for 9 or 10 like I keep reading about but ill take 6, and that makes me. 14 stone exactly. I'm off on holiday in 2 weeks so hoping to be 13 and half when I go. We are there for a week then I'm back for 5 weeks then off again so hopefully by the second holiday I will be near to 12 stone. I might actually be able to fit in my ski gear I bought before I piled the weight on! Who knows!

    i have been doing 3 sachets plus 200ml of skimmed milk. Today I might miss out the milk and have a meal as I still have a few hunger pangs
  13. Debbi8489

    Debbi8489 Silver Member

    Hi Karen, well done on sticking to the plan, especially if you aren't enjoying the packs!

    Can I ask, how old is your cousin?? Don't you think that her reaction was a bit over the top? My advice would be don't go. If she is acting like that prior to the meal, then she will manipulate you into eating something really fattening at the meal. I'm shocked at her reaction.

    Well done!!
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