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New starter!

welcome to slimming world, im sure you'll do fantastically well what with the support from everyone at work and everyone on here xx


Is so doing it this time
Hi there Littlesister! Well done on your weight loss so far.... that's impressive! My sister in law did LL but she found it really hard with a family to feed and I remember her not eating ON HER WEDDING DAY!!!!

And well done for taking control before you gain back too much of what you've lost so far. It so easy for that to happen, I ended up gaining back 5.5st plus loads extra when I stopped doing WW!

Good luck on SW xx
Thanks guys! Good luck tomorrow Cazzabella! Let me know how you get on.

Piglet - can't believe she did that on her wedding day!! and there's me thinking not drinking or eating on my birthday was a massive thing lol. LL is both the best and worst thing to ever happen to me for numerous reasons. Eventually i got to the point where i needed food and now i love going to classes at my gym and i can't do them without food in me! Hoping SW will get me to my goal healthily x
i've never done LL but i did see a Cambridge diet councillor on Sunday with the view to starting the CD on Monday...well i didnt even manage the first day, god the stuff was awful. i suppose to be fair i didnt give it a proper go and paying the £37.25 per week was playing on my mind so i've swapped to Slimming World which now means i can have proper meals with my 2 year old instead of her saying "mummy do you not like your tea" as i tried to shovel down a shake lol
New to here but not to SW


I wanted to say hi, Im new here but not so new to SW, Ive been there since March 2010. Ive lost 1 stone 3 there and about a stone before hand. I love slimming world and have popped on here a few times to look up stuff and decided it was time to join!

So hello! :D
sw is a fab way to lose weight when u have kids. my kids eat the same meals as me most of the time and enjoy them when i ask my youngest whats for lunch she says b pot and tuna lol she can tell u how to make sw chips and lots more so u are teaching them a healthy way of cooking and eating its just fab:)


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Hi to all newbies!
Hope you'll all have steady losses
oh I already have a question! I want to add a pic to my profile, but when I go to edit avatar it says Your Current Avatar
No Avatar Specified
Avatars are small graphics that are displayed under your username whenever you post.
Do not use an avatar
Note: if you have a custom avatar selecting this option will delete it.

it wont let me select anything... Am I doing it wrong?
awww ta gaylei, i've only got the one little girl but she's different ages in the photos :) everyone is so welcoming on these forums, i cant wait to get started properly lol
gaylei, i think you've got to have over a certain amount of posts before you can amend your photo, avatar etc. im sure its 50 posts but some of the other girlies might comment just incase im incorrect :)

Hope you are enjoying your first week. I am new too - this is the only diet I can do as I hate to be hungry at the end of the day when I've used up all my allowances :( - so far so good on SW!

Well done on your losses so far, hope you have continued success :)

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