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Hi, I,ve been for my first appointment and weigh at a massive 20 stone 10lbs:cry:.. feel so disgusted that I have left it til now to start this. However, kick up the bum done and i,m off 2moro!!!!:D
dreading the not eating, worrying already how will i cope? how long will it take me to go in ketosis....? but, will keep a daily dairy so i,m hoping you guys will support me(i know you will)..
heres to the beginning of my journey.... deadline to aim for is my holiday in May to Turkey...would love to get to 15 stone!!!or at least a size 20. do able? what do you guys think?
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Hello and welcome :) I started last week and it's not as hard as you think! When you are past the first few days it gets so much easier.

That seems like an acheivable goal for May. You might even suprise yourself and lose more! Having a holiday to spur you on should help too.


Now Maintaining :)
Hi Michele, welcome. :) Please don't worry, once you get through the first few days and are in ketosis, you will be fine. Keep posting on this forum - you will get alot of support. Good luck.
Thanks Felix... i did try this last yr but only got to day 4.. i really hope i go on further...
16 to 10.. wow you have done fab!!!! i am so jealous... how soon does Ketosis kick in...


Slowly but surely x
i was in ketosis at the end of day 2 and have been ever since. im doing 810 and am losing every week :)
Good luck, chick x
hi and welcome:) I always go into ketosis on day 4 . Just push yourself through the first week and after that first weigh in , you are flying and it gets much easier :)
Keep up the positivity and you will do great , look forward to checking out your progress :)

Welcome to the gang :D

I started at 20 stone; it's a shock to see the numbers. Instead of making yourself feel horrible and being disgusted with yourself (a waste of energy and a surefire way to drive yourself to comfort eat) focus your mind instead on the positive aspect that you are taking positive steps to do something about it. Stick to this week and you could be under 20 stone by next week!!! Imagine how fantastic that will feel and how proud of yourself you will feel :D

The not eating part soon becomes a way of life so try not to get too stressed about it and just focus on living the plan hour by hour and day by day. Ketosis for me took about 3 days. This forum is a life saver... the little voice (my gremlin) was suggesting pizza earlier but coming on here and posting has kept me focused and forced me to think other thoughts.

Good luck! And remember you are in control not the food and not your emotions! Be positive and it will be positive as thoughts lead to actions!
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Gorey girl.. thanks.. you are doing fab.. i will hopefully be following in your footsteps!!! the ketosis news is fab.. maybe day 4 last time was me going into it.. but why did i feel so bad?
Gorey girl.. thanks.. you are doing fab.. i will hopefully be following in your footsteps!!! the ketosis news is fab.. maybe day 4 last time was me going into it.. but why did i feel so bad?

I think it's because as well as your body going through the process of switching over to ketosis you are also detoxing from the crap you were eating ... sugar/white carbs and caffeine detoxs can cause headaches, nausea, aching joints, shivering... But my god once you get through it you feel better than you have for ages! The key is to try not to give into the desire for "instant comfort/gratification" and instead focus on the the delayed but much longer lasting gratification of feeling so much better mentally and physically as you lose weight.
Hey Michele,

I start tomorrow too - hello!

Good luck, I have never done this before but am very scared!

Keep posting.

Don't be scared Jill.. think of it as the first step on an exciting positive journey :)

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