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  1. Joey34

    Joey34 Member

    Hi, I've decided to start Dukan today. My first goal is to lose one stone for my hols in just over a month. Can I ask if anyone has any tips. So far I'm sticking to the programme fine, I did do Dukan before but didn't have as much weight to lose. I have a question on portion control, I know that if I'm to lose the weight I cant be eating copious amounts of protein. Does anyone have a benchmak for whats an acceptable amount to eat in one day/thanks guys and look forward to being in touch.

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  3. Maintainer

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    Hello Joanne (from one to another...),

    I remember reading once that the rule of thumb would be to eat at least 1.5 x grammes of protein to your current weight in kilos. So at around 78.5K, you'd need to be eating around 118g of protein minimum per day, and some would say 2.0x. Obviously way above the recommended amount of protein for a balanced healthy diet.

    In reality, few actually calculate and I couldn't even find this rule when googling it so it must have come from French forums at the time I did the diet in its original form.

    Don't worry unduly. Eating too little can cause a slow loss... Perhaps post your menus and we can let you know?

  4. Joey34

    Joey34 Member

    Hi Joanne, First I wanted to say to you what an amazing loss, wow, I'm in awe, you must feel fantastic. Thank you for your feedback, Ive been having far too much protein, I took the plan literally and have been eating far too much.

    My typical day has been:

    Breakfast egg while and diet cottage cheese frittatas - 3-4 small ones cupcake size
    Lunch: Turkey mince cakes(tukley mince, ginger, lemongrass, oat bran allowance and one egg and corriander) 3-4 cup cake size
    Dinner, savoury mince(with stock cube, woustershire sauce and small amt of passata), ive been eating 400g here which I realise is far too much

    think I need to drastically reduce the protein, it will be easier when I'm finished attack phase but I need to start it now so thank you for the feedback :)
  5. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Thank you for your kind words but the big loss was ooooh 11 years ago and it's been a struggle ever since!
    Sorry - my poor explanation wasn't very clear. We're not talking grammes of weight but ooooh how do I explain it. See here on this link (List of foods by protein content - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) different foods have different amounts of protein.
    So, say, 400g mince (get the lowest fat possible...), at 25g protein per 100g weight, that would count 100g... Even if your lunch was the same, and your breakfast half that, you'd be at 250g protein, which wouldn't be unusual for this diet.

    Your menu looks fine to me. They do advise to drink plenty of water... and, since I see you're an adventurous cook, you might find some nice things (muffins, cakes, pancakes) you could do with your oatbran allowance to liven things up a little.
  6. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Hi Joanne good luck on your journey. My tip would be keep plenty of boiled eggs at hand for nibbles and eat as much white meat ie, chicken turkey as you wish just jazz it up with the sauces etc, off the recipe thread. Plan all your meals for the week ahead, drink plenty of water to flush out the fat xxx
  7. Joey34

    Joey34 Member

    Thanks Sididd, great advice, so far so good :)
  8. Joey34

    Joey34 Member

    Ahh thanks Joanne, thats much better, so far so good one week in, congrast, looks like you has a really good week too

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