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New SW member and already confused!

Hello everyone, :D

I'm 30 years old and just joined SW yesterday. I would like to lose 4 stone. I am doing the extra easy plan. I guess it'll take some time to get my head around it first...

I am confused as to how much free food and healthy extra you can eat. On the recipe for the lasagne for example, it says if you count the beef as an healthy extra then you have to add 6 syns??? I thought beef was a free food :sigh:

Can anyone help?

Thank you! :)
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Hi Moglet!

I am on slimming world and it can take a bit to get your head around it

Of the free foods your plate must have 1/3 super free foods and the rest free foods, as much as you want. You have 1 healthy A and 1 healthy B. It will say 6 syns for the beef if you arent using it as your healthy allowance. The green booklet you get in your starter pack tells your what you can choose for your healthy A and B and how much in measurements. If you get stuck just let me know and i'll help you all i can!

p.s Beef if a free food if its lean and all fat trimmed off of it :) The lasgne recipe isnt for lean beef mince i dont think :)

Thanks for the advice!
It's hard to beleive that it really works and you can loose weight eating carbs and red meat. I think i'm starting to understand it better, fingers crossed!
Im new to slimming world aswell (2 weeks) and i know how complicated it can be. It gets easier just read your books and stay for the meetings and it will all fall into place. A nice tip for using your healthy extras is to have 2 pieces of toast (wholemeal weight watchers) with 28g of cheese on top. This uses your healthy extra A and B and is a nice snack or breakfast.

Another word of advice is not to assume extra lead mince is not as tasty as the full fat thing. Homemade extra lean burger are much nicer than any packages burgers in the shops.

A couple of recipes that i would advice for your first week to help ease you into slimming world and satisfy your cravings would be the Diet coke chicken, making a pizza using Smash as the base and oven chips sprayed with frylite.

The above are all free foods and very tasty. In my first week i had the pizza twice just to satisfy my cravings :p

Also if you are going to use your syns on chocolate i suggest having a curly wurly. They are only 6.5 syns each and are the lowest syns chocolate i have been able to find. If you wish to save your syns and still desire something sweet you could try a banana they are high in sugar give you a healthy fix.

Hope the above info helps. Just giving you some info that i found very helpful in my first week.

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