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New team?

hi jellibabe, im in exactly the same boat!iv 3stone to lose and would love to get to goal by summer too!i started pro points last week so 1st wi is thursday!wud b great to ave some1 to motivate me to get there!
Hi Janie

How has your first week been so far? My wi day is Friday and can't wait to see if propoints is working. I have just done 5 weeks on slimming world and swapped to ww last week.

H x
Hi Guys im on my 3rd week n had a blip this week by putting on half a pound !!! I want 2 loose about a stone n half for my holiday in July .... i lack will power so hopefully we can all encourage each other

Week 1 .......-2.5
Week 2 ...... -2
Week 3 ...... +1/2
first week is goin good!have been really disciplined, stayed off bread and sweets nd processed foods for most of the week to get a good start so hopin for a big number for my 1st wi on thursday!
how u findin propoints jellibabe?
welcome RG dont worry we all have blips and just try get urself back on track if uv had a bad day!
will b great to spur each other on for our weigh-ins!:D
il get back with my first wi results!wish me luck!!:cross:


Full Member
Hello - can I join ur wee team please?? I posted on the other link but no reply:(

Im in week 4 - going well so far but really struggling this week. Just seem to want to munch all the time & losing my focus. It really helps to come on here :wave_cry:
the more the merrier Kik and chocolate lover!i know from experiece week 4/5 r the hardest, u start to c results nd take it easy!just think about all the hard work uv done so far and try and look forward to ur goals!make small goals ur 5% and decide when u want to get there!i think visualisation really works, think about how u want to look and how u look now and think about what u need todo to get there!uv done really well so far so keep up the good work ul get there!
hi girls can i join??? i was doin sw but started ww discovery plan on tuesday hoping to lose 2 stone x
Hi everyone,

Shall we make a list of stats for the team so we can each update with our loses?

I'll go first, just copy, add ur name and stats and paste.

Jellibabe - 33lbs to go. 11lbs lost
Welcome to everyone joining the new team. I currently weigh 12st.11 and would like to get to 10st.7. I have lost 11lb over the last 5 weeks with slimming world which I'm super happy with. I joined ww propoint plan online last Friday making wi day tomorrow for me. This is my first week trying the new plan and so far so good, loving the new system and app for my phone. I have used all my weekies this week and if I've lost I'll carry on to do so, if not I'll start cutting them down.

H x
hi, can i join your team too, i just started weight watchers today. i started a SW diet at the beginning of January but my local group closed, i lost 4 lbs the first week but have been in a rut ever since, so today i went to the local ww group. i want to lose about 2 and a half stone. i'm going to Barcelona in April and would love to be in a size smaller clothes by then. The pro plan is alien to me and i could also use support and advice from fellow members.
Jellibabe - 33lbs to go. 11lbs lost
Faith08 - 24lbs to go 0lbs lost
hi every1 just back from my first weigh-in lost 7lbs so over the moon!!!lots more exercise in store for the next week nd really motivated to stay on track now!!

Jellibabe - 33lbs to go. 11lbs lost
Faith08 - 24lbs to go 0lbs lost
JanieF- 31lbs to go, 7lbs lost
well done janief thats a massive loss half a stone u must b over the moon!
I'd like to join in too.

I'm Curvy_Lass and I want to lose 84lb.

Current loss = 8.5lb :)
just added u Curvy_Lass
any 1 else who wants to join just copy and paste this list and add ur goal on at the bottom!!:cool:

Jellibabe - 33lbs to go. 11lbs lost
Faith08 - 24lbs to go 0lbs lost
JanieF- 31lbs to go, 7lbs lost
Curvy_Lass- 84lbs to go, 8.5lb lost
Well done janie! Amazing loss xx

I have lost 3lb this week which I'm over the moon with! Although I weighed myself Tuesday so it makes my total 12lb now. 2 to go for my first stone!

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