New to all this, and just starting! Help/advice/tips PLEASE!!

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    Hi everyone
    I have just come off the phone with my local cambridge diet counsellor, and i am going to see her tomorrow to pick up all my stuff. She seemed really really lovely, and i'm really looking forward to meeting her tomorrow afternoon and getting started!

    I have over 5 stone to lose, and would be grateful if anyone had any hints tips ideas help ANYTHING at all!

    Many thanks and wish me luck!

    Laura x
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  3. sumayyah

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    was cambridge now exante
    good luck for tomorrow laura and welcome to mini's

    post here lots and often, really helps to focus. read the posts and check out the insperation slide show

    also make sure your getting your water in, really helps
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  4. Frejja

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    Hi Laura
    I would say take every day at a time and don't think too far ahead...every day is a victory. I did it this way, and unbelievably managed 140 days! It goes much quicker than you think! I would also plan ahead especially for days out and social occasions so you know what you are going to take with you. You'll also have to decide if you want to tell people about the diet. I kept it a secret as I didn't want any comments on the type of diet I was doing. As you'll see from other posts, folk can be very negative about these diets if they haven't tried them. Make use of the recipes like poppadoms which were a life saver for me when I wanted to chew! As said above, drink the water too...very important. Minimins is full of brilliant tips on CD so keep reading...good luck!
  5. blue_grapefruit

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    Hey! Welcome to the wonderful world of minimins.

    You'll find a lot of support and honesty here, i cant get through the day without my minis fix!

    Good luck with the diet, set yourself some mini goals so you feel like you've reached some milestones!

  6. Porgeous

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    Welcome welcome to the mad world of Minis and Cambridge. The first week is the hardest so dig deep, grip your teeth and you will be into the swing in no time and those pounds will be melting away. Aim for 4ltrs of water a day as the more you drink the more you shrink.

    We're all here when you need us or if you have any questions at all.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing you disappear.

  7. bluegirl

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    calorie counting
    Hi Laura,

    I've only found this site 2 days ago, whilst deperate and needing help during the first couple of days on the diet. I have to say that its this not my will power that has kept me away from the kitchen and sipping gallons of water. Everyone on here has been honest, helpful and supportive and I have to say I may even me a little addicted to looking through all the posting to get advice and tips. I'd encourage you to do the same.

    Dieting has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, but I dont think that I have ever come accross a more honest bunch of people before. Maybe its because its a "virtual" environment and everyone is happy asking daft questions, or advice, or "does my bum look big in this"!

    Keep looking here as often as you can, its a lifeline..........oh and of course the water!

    Good luck x
  8. Fuzzys Angel

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    To minimins & CD, this is really a great place to be loads of wonderful people & great advice. My best advice to anyone new is WATER :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: aim for between 4-6 litres a day if you can, i know it can be hard to drink that much if you're not used to drinking water but slowly build up to it. Before i started a VLCD it'll be good if i drank 1 glass a day i hated water but now i always have alitre bottle with me everywhere i am. Second piece of advice would to keep posting it really does help beside's whilst you're tapping at the keyboard you can't :D And thirdly take one day at a time....

    Good luck with your journey i look forward to reading your posts & getting to know you


    The people in here are FANTASTIC and honest so just keep coming in here for support.
    We're all on the same journey - some further on than others but we all identify with each other's feelings and there is a genuine caring and honesty here that is hard to find amongst other people.
    Good luck with your journey - we are all here with you
    New CDer - on Day 4

  10. Dutch

    Dutch Goodbye Tum

    I'd just say, hang on tight, this is the ride of your life.

    Sell or give your clothes to charity when they're too big, don't let them hang around and you'll need money to get new clothes, I'm 5 sizes down after 11 weeks!!!!

    Drink your water, it's great for your skin and everything.

    Don't be afraid of going out, you don't have to eat, enjoy the company instead.

    DON'T Cheat, it's not worth it, get it done then you can have the odd luxury when you're done.

    Enjoy every weigh in, it's a real buzz.

    Don't hide from food, enjoy the feeling of being in control.

  11. Rachel84

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi there i started on sat and so far doing ok, loving the shakes and soups so hopefully will never get bored!!!!! am finding this site to be brilliant, all the advise really helps and knowing that others are doing the same is great.
    good luck.
  12. corinne_j

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Laura, not got much to add to what's already been said, def drink as much water as you can and come on here regularly, it's a fantastic place to get support.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on!

    Corinne x
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